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  1. my sweet babies

    Betta Pictures
    i have had bettas for several months now and i'm loving them! i have 3 females and 3 males (getting a 4th female soon) and i just wanna introduce them (in order of when i got them): Chaz Stu Soma Queenie Hypnos Tiny
  2. help my fish is sick!!!):

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I purchased to male bettas a couple months ago and at the pet store they told me to get a tank with a devider in it and they would be fine. Unfortunately they were not and one of the males started to attack the other through the devider and slightly damaged the fins of one of them. So I quickly...
  3. Sputnik and "Jack"

    Betta Pictures
    Had them in the new 1/2 gallon holding containers while cleaning, figured I'd take some pics and video. :) Sputnik: Dark Red Jack (aka Pumpkin): Orange A little video (you can mute it, it's just me sounding like a child and talking randomly and getting walked in on doing video by...
  4. Why are my females more "curious" than my males?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi every one!!! I am new to this site (in a way), this was the only site I went to when I had questions and everyone on this site is just awesome for being such amazing betta owners. :-D So here's my question, My 2 female Bettas are curious about everything! They love to hide in their...
  5. Territorial little guy?

    Betta Chat
    This is something I've noticed as of today. What I'm seeing is that if I happen to be by Mojo's bubblenest when I go to see him, he swims over and kinda flares at me (not spreading fins out or anything, just puffing out his gills). And then it hit me, do bettas get kinda mad and or protective...
  6. Mojo & his Bubblenest!

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    This is Mojo with his most recent bubblenest! if you look closely you can see his gills are puffed out a bit! Lol, he wasn't quite expecting me to be there with a camera (well, iPhone).
  7. these are my giants I am selling

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    Here is the male: Here is a top veiw of the female:
  8. Hiroki & Aki - Newest Males

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    I got a new male to replace Ryu :-(, well... technically two since my dad bought one for himself, a standard tail, not knowing much about bettas. He picked his up from Walmart, which surprisingly he's strong and blowing tons of bubbles lately. I picked up a halfmoon male, named him Hiroki...