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  1. Betta Memorials
    one week ago, harry, my betta, passed away. i got harry on june 13th, 2021 on a trip to minneapolis. he was the prettiest fish in the store and flared at my finger when i pointed at him. i knew i had to get him. we had a very long ride home and finally got him into his tank. he scared me so...
  2. Betta Memorials
    SIP tiger. I wish had more time with you. 💙
  3. Betta Memorials
    So about a month ago Poseidon got side bumps and this under bump thing, I nursed him back, and he lost the bump underneath, but still had the side bumps, a few days ago his under bump came back, so I put him back in his hospital tank, I went to go change the water, and sadly he was gone. I...
1-3 of 3 Results