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  1. How much have you spent on / for your betta?

    Betta Chat
    After I let my boyfriend know our fish Gandalf as a new heater, he got curious about how much I had spent on our fishes (Jose died 2 yrs, then we got Gandalf Jan 2018). We also had bought a new filter recently because old one started making loud noises and couldn't figure out why. Total came to...
  2. I will never live this down, will I?

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    Every so often, my parents find some way to work into conversation how utterly ridiculous this new hobby is, how I ended up spending nearly $300 dollars on Franky, how this friend of a co-worker just has her betta in a little fancy fish-shaped bowl (unheated, no plants) and he's swimming around...
  3. Worth?

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    I was wondering if there was any one here who could possibly tell how much a yellow betta fish is worth. I'm currently searching for either a male or a pair online right now and want to know how much I should be willing to pay for them.
  4. Urgent!!! Needed in Next 10 Hours!!!

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    My fish is coming!!! I'm going to he city where there are fish places Tomarrow but my mom needs to get me money from the bank because I'm in school and so I need to know an estimate of how much to have her get. I'm looking for a tank 2-5 gallons, a good heater, and gravel, food, silk plants...
  5. Rant: friend who hates my Betta

    Betta Chat
    I have a friend that always tells me that i waste to much money on on my betta(ernest). she has habits of spending all her money on expensive clothes and i don't judge her on her purchases but i love my betta and he's helped me threw so many problems hes brought a stress free element to my life...
  6. New Guy! I Need Help!

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    Hi! I decided that I am going to get another betta since I have a betta bowl. It is bigger than Mr Jingles' betta kit, though. I have a picture of Mr Jingles' betta kit in my album BTW. I decided I want a brightly coloured betta so it would be easier to take pictures of him! I want to name him...
  7. Betta Care on a Budget!

    Betta Fish Care
    Looking at the recent thread "How old are our betta fish lovers?" I noticed that many of our members are younger than 15! At this age, earning and saving money to take care of a betta can be a problem! In this thread I'll teach you how to have proper husbandry for a betta for as little money as...
  8. Silly question. How much does it cost per year to own a betta?

    Betta Fish Care
    I've been trying to get a betta for a while now but just haven't had the funds or time. Now it's summer and I just got a job so I was thinking that with my first paycheck I could get a PS2 and the stuff for a betta. The thing is though... how much do you guys think you spend per year in betta...