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mystery snails

  1. Black Mystery Snails and Algae Tabs?

    Finless Friends
    I have two Bettas, each in a separate tank with a black mystery snail. They've all lived together for about two weeks now and are getting along just well, but I had a question. I had a horned nerite snail a few months back, but it sadly passed away because I cleaned my fish's tank spotless...
  2. Getting a snail for my betta please help!!!

    Betta Fish Care
    On this Saturday i will be getting a mystery snail and i have some questions! I am worried mostly about my betta eating the algae wafers i will drop in their for the snail. Can the snails eat it after i turn the lights off when i go to sleep? Or will my betta still eat the wafers? I really don't...
  3. Betta fish and mystery snails in ten gallon tank video

    Betta Pictures[/url] Neat little betta fish u tube vid with his mystery snails 8-)
  4. Mystery Snails

    Other Fish
    So I have a female that has laid a few eggs and one of them finally hatched! The first cluster I ended up taking out to try to have them hatch somewhere else and it wasn't moist enough so when I saw the other big cluster I decided to leave it alone and tonight they hatched!!! I know only maybe...
  5. Overstocking?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    So here's a couple of theoretical tank stocking set ups. Would they be overstocked? 5 gallon -Divided with 2 female bettas, 1 mystery snail 20 gallon -Divided with 2 male bettas, 4-5 mystery snails, and 10 ghost shrimp Something tells me that this would be overstocking, but I wanted to get...
  6. Garry and Jerry: The adventurous snails.

    So, my gold snail (Garry) crawls over everything. all of the plants and the castle decor (I got it the other day on clearence from 14 bucks to 3.50$) and everyone loves it. So when I occasionally look into the tank, I see my gold snail on the highest part of the castle, gripping so that the...
  7. How do I treat ick & fin rot in tank with bettas & mystery snails

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I have a 5 gallon tank that just finished it's nitrogen cycle about a week ago. Because I didn't know any better, I added my betta, plant & snails just after I got the tank. The betta had been living in a vase before I got him & I'm fairly certain he had fin rot from that. A week or so into the...