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  1. I need help naming my red betta!

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    I've had my boy for three weeks now and I still have no name for him, help! He's bright red with a greenish shimmer on his scales in the light, and he's very active, curious (but very clumsy) and a little bit timid. My last betta was named Finn and I'm leaning towards more humanized names that...
  2. My new addition!! (Name ideas?)

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    I got a new betta just yesterday, who I think had lost his coloring over the stress of living in a plastic cup on the shelves in Petco! :-? Even without colors, he looks so beautiful and I had to get him! This is what he looked like yesterday morning! Yesterday, not much more than an hour in...
  3. Betta name help!

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    This is my new boy from Petco. I think he is a pineapple/yellow VT. I've had him for a couple days but I cannot figure out a name for him. I was thinking Moses or Pineapple. Any ideas? BQ: What is your betta fish's name? Pics? :) (Why are my pictures coming out upside down? They're right...
  4. New Boys:D

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    I was FINALLY able to go to Petsmart to get some bettas for my divided 20 long! I got two halfmoons and a crowntail; both tail types are my favs! Just wanted to show you guys and hopefully get some name suggestions for two of them:-D Here's the first guy. Aragorn the halfmoon! He is pretty darn...
  5. I need names :)

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    I just got a female today from petsmart. I was shocked to see that she was in good condition, unlinke 98% of the rest of the bettas they have there. She just seemed so friendly and happy, so i got my grandmother to buy her for me :)...