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name suggestions
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    (this picture is kinda old, from when I was cleaning their tanks a while ago and she's in her holding cup) I brought this beautiful girl home two(?) weeks ago, along with two others (one male, Itachi, and one female, Temmie) and while the others' names came to me within a week, hers just hasn't...
  2. Betta Pictures
    I have been having a terrible week and happened to be in PetCo to window shop the day they got a shipment. Well, we all know how that goes. Left this guy there, went home, and then drove back right before they closed to pick him up because I caved. Actually, there's a bit of a story: my...
  3. Betta Pictures
    This is my new boy from Petco. I think he is a pineapple/yellow VT. I've had him for a couple days but I cannot figure out a name for him. I was thinking Moses or Pineapple. Any ideas? BQ: What is your betta fish's name? Pics? :) (Why are my pictures coming out upside down? They're right...
  4. Betta Chat
    Hey I'm new on this site. I just got a new Betta today because my other one died last week (R.I.P Rio) He likes to hide and loves his food if that helps.
  5. Betta Pictures
    Mom knows I hate foodshopping so she bribed me with a trip to the pet store, I said that if I found a nice EE I would get him and she said sure, then she took me to the store where they usually don't take care of the betta and don't have any selection. Well the first betta I saw had a bent...
  6. Betta Chat
    So I had to go to Walmart to get a few things and found this guy on the self. His water was so dirty you could barely tell there was a fish in it... I had to get him. I believe he would be a multicolored VT, right? And what about a name? It was so spur of the moment I have no idea. And I'm sorry...
  7. Betta Pictures
    I just got this little guy today! He seems to be settling into his tank rather nicely. It's a big step up from the tiny cup the store kept him in! Only problem is I don't have a name for him. :-( My dad suggested Filleto Fish, which I promptly threw a pillow at him for. Any suggestions?
  8. Betta Fish Care
    Hi. I just got my first betta fish. It is really cool. The only problem is that it doesn't have a name. Can you guys help? It is a male and so am I, so please no girly sounding names. It is dark blue, and until I find a good name, it is called Betta. Thanks
  9. Betta Chat
    Hello, I just got a new female betta a day or so ago and I cannot figure out a name for her! I am currently between Carbon (she was the diamond in the rough, looked bad but is now gorgeous and friendly), Sirena (spanish for Mermaid, she looks mermaidish to me) or Hada (Fairy in spanish, she's...
  10. Betta Chat
    Well, let's just say I took a break from Betta keeping after Eastwood, Whisper, Tango, and Nickel just started passing one after the other. When Eastwood died it left a big hole in me (that's still there). He made me feel sucessful as a betta-keeper, but not successful enough, as he died before...
  11. Betta Pictures
    I am so excited I won the Marble Dalmation Male Betta on Aquabid! Here he is: Any name suggestions? Also, how loud can I play music in my room without bothering him? I have always wondered that…
1-11 of 11 Results