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  1. HELP! Need Names, and Identification for Two Females!!!!!

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    So I have these 2 females, No idea what they are, I'm planning to breed them, and they Need names! I don't have any idea of what to call them, easy names please!
  2. Name ideas for two bettas

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    My Betta Liberty just passed away lately and I had my mom get me two more Bettas. These are the two boys she brought home. It's only been two days that I've had them but not having names is driving me nuts. They both been building bubble nests (I know that doesn't mean anything) and they seem...
  3. Names for future bettas

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    I have two bettas currently, Peacock and Aaron Jewels, but I may be getting two more soon. both are male, one is black and one is half blue half red/orange. Any suggestions for names? I like 2 part names, like Aaron Jewels, and I was thinking of Paul Derek for one. Any ideas?
  4. Pronouns

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    Does anyone else constantly refer to their male better as a female or is it just me? I gave him (her) a feminine name. Her name is Khaleesi after Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) because the label said she was a dragon scale when I got her from the LPS. So does anyone else do it or just me?
  5. RElive: Betta Splenda Rehablitation and Rescue

    List of Bettas: CT Cambodian Red/White Female -- Cilantro CT Cambodian Red/Orange Female -- Parsley VT Cambodian Red/White Female -- Oregano VT Solid Red Female -- Rosemary VT Wild Type Female -- Aloe Comb Mask Steel Blue Female -- Genevieve FT Solid Copper Male -- Fernando PK Butterfly...
  6. Names?

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    Any names suggestions? Here are my bettas... CT Cambodian Red/White Female -- unnamed CT Cambodian Red/Orange Female -- unnamed VT Cambodian Red/White Female -- unnamed VT Solid Red Female -- unnamed Comb Mask Steel Blue Female -- Genevieve FT Solid Copper Male -- Fernando PK Butterfly...
  7. Betta Names! (females)

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    Here is a list of betta fish names that I think are good for females, but there is no one saying you cannot use them for males, too. -Violet -Valentine -Chloe -Penelope -Olivia -Kaelyn -Blu -Ingrid -Pinkie -Frankie -Fiona -Nina -Rosie -Margret -Michelle -Ysabella -Sunny Have any other names...
  8. Names??

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    I just got a new male betta; and added him to my brand new 5.5 gallon tank! I need names! And sorry, I can't post pictures. /: :-D
  9. Names for a Male betta fish?

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    Hey! This is my first thread. I really need help! I just got a new MALE betta fish and added him to my 5.5 gallon tank! I need names! Please leave some below! :-)
  10. Betta Names

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    Well, after getting obsessed with too many things, I'm now going to stick to one, Betta's and Betta names. Post names that you always wanted to name you're Betta!. Benji Slate Cone (if there was an orange-white HM I would have the biggest luck in the world) Nomo (Nomi's long lost cousin :P )...
  11. Clue Themed Names!

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    I just thought it would be an awesome idea if someone named their betta family after the characters from the board game Clue. Red female would be Miss Scarlett Blue female would be Mrs. Peacock Yellow male would be Colonel Mustard Purple male would be Professor Plum etc. Someone should totally...
  12. Morph and names?

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    I purchased a new Betta yesterday like i have in the past for reasons such as: brown water, sickly or beaten up fins. This time he was in very dark unclean water that was low. His size is almost unbelievable, for the only Betas i've seen that are as big as he are kings. i know he probably...
  13. How did your betta get their name?

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    Opalo is a cellophane, so I wanted a "white" sounding name. Opal came to mind, but I wanted it to sound masculine, so I added an o to the end. Mr. Gold is named after a character in the TV show Once Upon A Time. Granite got his name because he's a black orchid, and his black-with-colors-mixed-in...
  14. Need name help!

    Betta Pictures
    I was doing a water change for my boys today, when all of a sudden I remembered I didn't name any of them! I've had them for 4 months and no names yet so any help guys?? I can't figure out how to get multiple pics so I'll post all pics on this page. Half moon plakat
  15. Betta Names

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    Any names for my new red betta? He's a half-moon :-)
  16. Help me name my boy?

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    I just got a new boy last week. And i am REALLY excited about this one! He's a wild betta from Brunei. He cost a small fortune too but he is worth it, i have been dreaming about this fish for ages! He's called a macrostoma, the breeder who sold him to me insisted that this was the king of wild...
  17. List all your betta names, male and female, past and present!

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    Mine: Captain Jack Sparrow (childhood) Magma (childhood) Ozy Osbourne (childhood) Milo Dragon For future names... I'm wanting to name my next betta Howl or Grimm. I want a black fish. :twisted: If I get a female, I want to go with Luna, Moon, or Yue. White or blue would be great for her...
  18. Themed Names

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    I may or may not start a sorority, and my brothers baby might be coming along with my baby. I want all my fish to have the same themed names and was woundering what some where. Please put the theme and then some names that fall under that theme. Thanks. I will post pictures when I get some.
  19. I need a name! Dragon scale

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    I got em like a week ago and I've posted a picture. He's pretty nice considering he's from petco. I recently added a squidward's house and a nice plant to his tank. I need to post a picture. But take a look at him and give me some ideas.
  20. Is it weird that I haven't named all of my bettas?

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    Well, I have two males who I've had for over a year and I named them (Fishie and Shiny), and I have a female who I've had for about a year and I named her Jasper. I got another female a few months ago and she's bright red so I named her Scarlet. But I got 6 more females for my sorority and I...