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  1. Old tank questions?

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    Hi, I'm new here but not new to betta's. So I have a little story and need some help. My family's betta of over 4 years passed away. he was healthy and lived happily. This devastated (at the time) my 4 year old daughter. She still brings up Buddy (his name) to this day. She is now 6yrs. She...
  2. Rescue Betta Situation - Advice Needed!

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi all. As you can see from my post history, I'm a new member and my betta just died. I'm very sad, and I wasn't planning on getting a new one anytime soon - I thought I would dismantle my tank, clean it out, maybe do a fishless cycle this time, and generally try to make everything perfect...
  3. ~*My third betta fish*~

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    Today i went to Petsmart and picked up my new betta, Eclipse. He's been there for the past two weeks and i just HAD to go get him! His cup was nasty! And when i got there, there was a little girl holding his cup and saying,"He's so ugly." Made me really mad! Anyways after closer inspection i was...
  4. Does this work for a Betta?

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    The water in my Betta's bowl is pretty cold. I've got him by my desk lamp (Which tends to get very hot, the light is around 6 inches away from the bowl) and a hot water bottle. I'm getting him a tank in an hour or so (5 gallon). I have AquaSafe water conditioner. It's not specifically for...