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  1. Hannah's betta fish journey

    Hi ya'll! Im Hannah and I currently have two betta babies. I have a white female betta i got as a baby from petco, her name is Tina. Then I also have a beautiful red/blue/white/black male, his name is Mr.Marbles. I have kept betta fish before but I was very uneducated about their care. I had a...
  2. Two new babies need names!

    Betta Pictures
    I got a two new babies today! I couldn't resist! I went in to look for a female betta and I ended up with a crowntail girl and a halfmoon boy! Here's the crowntail girl- (the hair isn't in the tank, its on the outside) She is a really light blue but I'm hoping when she calms down her colors...
  3. New to betta keeping and needs help diagnosing :(

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    hi :) as you guys can tell im new but ive stalked this website for about two weeks now. im very concerned about my two new male bettas. after losing my first betta unexpectedly a week ago i went to find a new one and was stuck choosing between a dragon and a veiltail. i bought the veiltail but...
  4. Petsmart.

    Betta Chat
    So I was chatting with a guy today who works at petsmart and I was questioning him on why he now had the feamles together in the tank. He said it was store policy because they are getting two new types of Bettas. Halfmoons and dragon scales so hazahh for that :D granted after that we started on...
  5. Sorority Pictures

    Betta Pictures
    Hey All, I have just created a new Betta Sorority and wanted to share the pics with everyone. I have added my Female Betta's just under an hour ago and they are all getting used to their new home. I have introduced 7 females and 4 neon tetra's. Mix of fake and real plants and a small stone...