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nitrite spike

  1. Would it be safe to move betta into 10gal that recently had goldfish in it?

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    I'm very eager to get my betta, Shesha, out of his 1.5 because when I tested the water today after doing a %30 water change, the nitrites were scarily high... :blueshake: I've been replacing the water with bottled, reverse osmosis Dasani, which tests as ideal as possible,(0,0,25,40,6.8)...
  2. Nitrite and ph problems

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi so I have a female crowntail betta. She is in a 2 gallon tank and her nitrite has been crazy lately, so has her ph. Her oh every time I test it weekly is always around 7.4. Her nitrate has always been fine. And her nitrite has always been fine too. Until last week. Last week I tested it and...
  3. Help: Nitrites persistently high!

    Betta Fish Care
    My Nitrites are persistently high due to a cycle crash and now my poor betta is showing signs of nitrite poisoning despite me doing 50% water change every day. Started doing two water changes a day last night because they spike right back up. I'm only feeding him one pellet a day now too. Didn't...
  4. Okay, so I just don't get it.

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    Let me start with a little background. I have a divided ten gallon with my two males in it, that currently is being treated for ich. My female is (or was) in a five gallon with four ghost shrimp. So yesterday, I was doing a complete clean in the 5gal.. it really needed it. I basically changed...