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  1. Betta Fish Care
    Does anyone have this filter? My question is, when you 1st get it and place it in the water, is it suppose to make alot of bubbles? Will the bubbles subside eventually?
  2. Betta Fish Care
    Hello everyone! I am potentially interested in upgrading my tank for once I get home. I currently have a 1.5 gallon tetra cube tank. I have heard the aqueon 2.5 tank is good and I am interested in API 5 gallon starter or the Hawkeye 5 gallon starter. I am also interested in the Tetra 3...
  3. Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    My fish, Atlas I believe has SBD. I fed him a pea today and I was happy he ate it and now swims around freely and doesn't swim sideways anymore. I just want some opinions, if whether or not his tummy is still swollen.. The fish seems to be swimming fine and his behavior has not changed...
  4. Betta Chat
    Hello everyone! New betta owner here. I bought this sweet guy last night and he's doing great! Extremely active, social, and eating well. I wanted to get some experienced opinions on his coloration. So far, there hasn't been much of a change, and I'm hoping it stays that way, but part of me is...
  5. Betta Chat
    Has anybody read this book? I keep seeing it over at my local fish store and was wondering if it's any good. It looks kinda interesting but I'd like to know if it's actually accurate and informative :3 thanks!
  6. Betta Pictures
    Honest critique on him please ;) Hope you like!
  7. Betta Fish Care
    I am trying to streamline the products I use for the care and treatment of my Betta boys, mystery snails, and marimo algae balls. I am going to list some products that I have and some products that I am considering buying. I would like your thoughts and recommendations for alternatives if you...
  8. Betta Chat
    Hello! I have been keeping bettas for about five years, and I have always ALWAYS found that when I buy the most active betta, it will be very active at home. I know that most people say that Betta's are couch potato's and rather boring, but I am drawn to the most active in the container no...
  9. Betta Pictures
    He was smaller than the other betta at the store but looked healthier, you think he will grow? But anyways here he is :) How do you guys find him? :)
  10. Breeding Betta Fish
    Hello, all. I am curious as to the outcome of the fry of these two. As you can see in one picture, the super black has a little bit of a blue gene in him. In your best opinion, what do you think the fry will look like? What is your critique? Thanks! - thatparkerboy
  11. Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Posted earlier, but the picture wasn't showing up, so I'm going to try again. This is my bettas 7.4 US gallon tank. It also houses 4 pygmy cories, and and 3 cherry shrimp. I'm aware the cories were a risk in that size tank, but after recieving mixed...
  12. Betta Fish Care
    Im new to the world of betta's, and saw that it would be nice for the fish to have a varied diet. So I was wondering how people felt about freeze dried bloodworms. Do they cause bloat, or if there is a special way to prepare them? Is it okay to give it to them once in a while, or daily? Do I...
1-12 of 14 Results