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  1. MULTITUDE of issues, can you please help? (I HAVE VIDEO)

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    NO SIGNS of lethargy He has been quarantined in this fish bowl for now. His tank is a 5 gallon with a cory cat. Period. Water is Reverse Osmosis. I DID do weekly 25%water changes I got him 4 months ago, was perfect. About a week and a half ago, he started looking like this. Went to aquarium...
  2. So...I had to grab this orange CT guy!!!

    Betta Pictures
    So a matter of a month, my 1 betta household, is now a 3 betta household. Meet my newest guy Gabriel! I had seen him at Walmart ... yes I know .. why the frig did I go into the aquarium section?!!UGH! Anywho I saw this guy about a week and a half ago and just decided to keep an eye on...
  3. Tiger Koi HMPK ♂ + Orange Marble Black Copper HM ♀

    Betta Spawn Logs
    spawning "success" today. i didnt know what name to give this beautiful male before, but i have a good idea now... his name is Dinkus, here's what makes Dinkus special: 1) rather than build a bubblenest under the leaves i provided him, he decides to build without it. 2) rather than build a...
  4. How to tell if a Betta is a Marble?

    Betta Fish Care
    I've looked everywhere, and there were only very vague articles (not blocked by the library computers) that had anything to do with Marble Bettas. I could sure use some help identifying if my little 'Blindi is a Marble or not. He's a blue Veiltail. I'll get pictures up by tomorrow... I was...
  5. orange marble black coppers HMPK (3/12/2014)

    Betta Spawn Logs
    so the day has arrived... female has been released into male enclosure. male is currently building bubblenest. goal from this spawn is to create fry that look more like the mother. female: male (photo from breeder): as you can see, the male is completely dark, but im not particularly...
  6. Betta news.

    I guess I'll post about my betta adventures here ^-^ Here's what is new: I found a 10 gallon aquarium, it needs to be repaired but beside that it's in great shape. I went to look at the betta selection at the pet store and found some Halfmoon, so beautiful!!! I could not resist getting...
  7. Sputnik and "Jack"

    Betta Pictures
    Had them in the new 1/2 gallon holding containers while cleaning, figured I'd take some pics and video. :) Sputnik: Dark Red Jack (aka Pumpkin): Orange A little video (you can mute it, it's just me sounding like a child and talking randomly and getting walked in on doing video by...
  8. RIP Finn! (I have alot of pictures of him.)

    Betta Pictures
    He was my first and favorite Betta, he was an orange male crowntail, and when my blue got some type of mystery disease he somehow got it too, they were in a tank with a divider. I took him out of the tank AS SOON as I found my blue one dead, and had him in a different tank, but I guess it was...
  9. Before and After Pics!

    Betta Pictures
    So when i first got Faustine and Andromeda it was rather hard to tell them apart. Since they have settled in, their differences are very obvious! BEFORE: Faustine Andromeda NOW: Faustine: She's got a great green flash. Andromeda: It doesn't come up in the photos, but she's got a blue...
  10. My new boy :)

    Betta Pictures
    got this boy last week, he's such a cutie. looks kind of red in these photos, but in person he's leaning more towards orange. he's the friendliest betta i've ever had :)