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  1. Funny fish captions and jokes!

    Betta Chat
    I'm just going to throw out some pictures of Moloka'i with funny captions! You can share pictures of you fish with captions or just share fish jokes. Well here we go! This is what Moloka'i ALWAYS asks me just before bedtime!
  2. Can you feed other fish NLS betta food?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    So my Betta, Poseidon, just passed away, and I have a large tank that I will soon need to fill with new fish, but I really don't feel good to get a new Betta, but I have a lot of his food left, New Life Spectrum betta formula (semi floating pellets). I was wondering if other fish can/allowed to...
  3. Male betta fish. Considering a friend.

    Betta Fish Care
    I have a male betta named Zale. I just moved him from a 1gal to a 10 gal I got from my younger sister. I have fake plants and big sea shells in his tank as decoration. I have a heater and a water filter. I was considering getting a snail or something to help keep the tank clean. I do a partial...
  4. Betta and plecos

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I have a normal passive betta that would hardly flare at anything but loved to play and be active. Recently I got a larger tank with 5 fish and a snail(ten gallons) there is a common pleco that is about 2 inches long a kissing fish and three fish that have whiskers(forgot the name of the...
  5. Bettas and Tetras and Frogs

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I have a male and female betta in with several tetras and 2 frogs. They all get along just fine. I planned on taking out my female if I noticed her all striped and a bubble nest. This morning I noticed a line of bubbles and my female paralyzed. My male keeps going up and down the tank. Have they...
  6. Other Fish In Aquarium

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey everyone, I am planning to get a Betta soon and I was wondering if other fish will work with Betta fish. I have a 2 gallon tank, a filter, and a small heater. What fish are compatible with Betta's? Thanks!
  7. Green tiger barbs and 10 gallon tank question

    Other Fish
    Hey there! Question: My dad has a big 50 gallon with 3 troublesome Green Tiger Barbs. He was going to just flush them, but I have an unused 10 gallon and I suggested that I keep them there. SO, can I only keep these 3 in there or are there other fish I can add? Also, The set up is going to be...
  8. Help! I don't want my fishies to die!

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hi, So today I impulsively let my boyfriend buy me some fish. As wonderful as this was intended as it turns out, after lots of reading. I did some things very wrong. Please help me fix this! All on the advice of a Pet store assistant we bought a 3L bowl (0.7 gallons). A beautiful red male...
  9. Betta fry and gourami fry, 2 weeks apart!

    Breeding Betta Fish
    So, a little over 2 weeks ago, my first betta fry hatched. I now have 40+ Orange dot fry from Carnelian, largest is just under 1/2 inch, all are fat and happy, eating banana worms and vinegar eels, started on frozen BBS. They are in a 10g plastic spawning box. 5days ago, my trio of 3 spot...
  10. What Fish Are Compatible With Male Bettas?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I just upgraded my bettas tank to a 2.5 gallon from a small 1 gallon. My new tank has a filter, lighting, and gravel. The problem is the tank is looking empty with my betta just hanging out at the top. I'm looking for some tank mates that dont require "special care" meaning heating or special...
  11. Betta in 2 gallon tank in 10 gallon with other fish?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    I have my VT named Sonic in a 2 gallon tank (yeah it may be small I made a mistake getting it) and someone on my dorm floor has a 10 gallon tank he wants to get rid of. Can I put my 2 gallon in the center of the 10 gallon tank and have my betta in the 2 gallon with other fish in the rest of...
  12. Newbie!

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi everyone!! I am very new here, so please bear with me and guide me in the correct direction if I make a mistake. :) So, ever since I was little I have had a betta fish. They were always kept in bowls and died after a few weeks. Since I was little, I thought it was normal. The "circle of...
  13. Filters?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hey there~ I have 4 female bettas in a 5 gallon tank. Me and my roommate were thinking about getting a filter for our fishies. I know bettas can live without one, but do you think it's a good investment? We clean the tank out once a week and feed them once a day around 2pm. We were feeding them...