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  1. Planted Betta Tanks
    Hey yall. so after testing my aquarium yesterday, I found there numbers Ammonia: 0 Nitrite; 0 Nitrate: between .5 and 1.0 Ph : 8.0 Gh: VERY Hard Kh: moderate i am wondering why my water is so hard and the GH is hard and my Ph is so high. my tap water is soft and has a ph of 6.8? I want to...
  2. Betta Fish Care
    fish in cycling and seeing great improvement! My ammonia was sky high and knock on wood, for now it is at 0!!! BBBUUTTTT, of course when one door closes another one opens. ammonia:0ppm Nitrite: 4.5ppm NitrAte: 25ppm Ph: 7 stable this whole time Am I doing ok??? Eh sorry but i want to make...
  3. Betta Fish Care
    Good Day! I hope you're having a pleasant one. What are the Optimum Water Parameters (ideal, or min/max ranges) for Bettas? Your information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Betta Fish Care
    Hello again fellow Betta lovers, I don't know if some of you remember me with Feeshy... Sadly he passed, and I left the forums dormant for some time. But something special happened... My fiancee saw a CT Betta that captured his heart. (Pictured in my avatar.) He refuses to name him for a month...
1-4 of 4 Results