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  1. My New Betta :) Color Pattern?

    Betta Fish Care
    This is Viggo. He's a super delta tail. I'm doing a fish-in cycle with him following the two sentence tutorial, so far he seems healthy, exploring his tank, flaring a little bit but nothing major, once almost got stuck between the filter and tank wall, but got out by himself, and I readjusted...
  2. POLL:What is your favorite Betta fin shape?

    Betta Chat
    My dream betta would be a black and white piebald halfmoom. I don't know why, but i just LOVE piebalds! Extra: If you decide to post on this thread about your favorite fin shape, you are also more than welcome to include the color and pattern your deem betta would have. Thanks for...
  3. New Betta- Interesting Pattern

    Betta Pictures
    Hello all!, I've been lurking on here and am not a brand new betta owner, however I finally decided to join the forum when I ran across this little guy. I've been trying to research the pattern, and the closest I think it could be is a type of marble pattern maybe? But I'm honestly not sure...