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  1. Finless Friends
    Just thought it would be fun to make a post about other pets, feel free to join in! The rats: If you have any questions about the rats ask! I just love showing them because I feel like “I have pet rats” is a fun conversation starter.
  2. Betta Chat
    How do you think, can i claim my fish in my taxes?
  3. Finless Friends
    what pets do you have, pls post pictures This is Mohawk He is an American/Abyssinian guinea pig mix who was rescued from horrible conditions This is Oreo my friend had accident baby piggies, and he is an American/skinny pig mix This is molly she’s a purebred English Golden Retriever and soon...
  4. Finless Friends
    So we currently have 4 fur babies if you will! The first up if Egypt (Mum's cat), we should have called him Dave, he is the thickest cat you will ever meet and thats saying something because i knew the original Dave cat and he really was dropped on his head stupid. BUUUT he is pretty and Mum...
  5. Journals
    So yeah guys I'm new but I thought I would create a blog mainly for my fish and sometimes for my other pets but let's get into this :D. (Also sorry all these pics and vids are bad they were taken on an iPod Touch 4th Gen.) My 33 gallon goldfish tank - Stock: 2 telescope eye goldfish 1 weather...
  6. Finless Friends
    Does anyone know of any pets fir a 1.5 gallon acrylic tank?
  7. Finless Friends
    Houdini is a very strange cat. While his brother lounges in the window or on a comfy bed, this inquisitive creature would rather be staring at the fish tank. He bats at the fish through the front of the tank, perches on the stool to stare at them up close, and when that's not good enough, he...
  8. Finless Friends
    This is my furry baby London. I am literally obsessed! Does anyone else have a pomeranian they are in love with? Friend me to see more pictures in my albums!
  9. Betta Pictures
    I just got Buster last week. Someone I know gave him away to me. He wasn't very well taken care of though. He was in a 1 gallon tank with no filter or lights and they were feeding him flakes, etc. I switched him to a 2.5 gallon tank with all the fixings and he seems much happier now. He didn't...
  10. Finless Friends
    anyone got a hermitcrab :oops: , i do , and i wanted to see how many betta ppls have hermitcrabs along with bettas , not same tank , that would be disaster , he would drownd lol mine is juji:lol: and my sister got him on the beach for me so hes quite lazy and shy:oops: what about u guys , i...
  11. Finless Friends
    I love all things furry, and all things scaly and slimy for that matter ;-) i have 4 dogs 2 cats and would have mice rats and birds if it werent for those pesky cats :roll: sooo yeah and I also ride horses alot. great with animals of all kinds also, love actoin! nobody expected i would...
  12. Finless Friends
    Post a pic of every single pet you have here! Unless you have, like, 50 bettas, then you should only post about 2 of your favorites. Unless you want to post them ALL.
  13. Betta Art
    I have been drawing pet (dog/cat) portraits for a while now... and I have been inspired by some of the great artists on this site!! So, I am going to try my hand at betta drawing! Woohoo! I'll update as I go. Stay tuned, folks. :-D
1-13 of 15 Results