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  1. The progression of Mister Furgeson.

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    His fins are slowly being painted red. :3 I've had him about a month.
  2. New and Meet Ponder!

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    Hi everyone! I'm new here and to bettas, but I'm not a complete newbie to fish keeping. I have cold water tank with goldfish in. I also have a tropical plant with playties, guppies, neon tetra and a freeloading assassin snail who doesn't do his job of eating the pond snails that hitchiked on...
  3. my new betta collections

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    My Big Ear My Curlyfin Crowntail My Giant Betta (7.5cm) My combination CT My SuperRed HM Both of them My Baby Doubletail HM Thanks for your comment :):-D
  4. Felix. (a better pic)

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    A better photo of Felix. He doesnt have a light in his bowl but the way he acts he seems super happy. He likes to flare at my dog but only for a half second. He is shy.
  5. My new betta!

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    Hi all, I am new around here. I have had bettas as a child and now I recently got one again and have been reading the forums a ton! He is a blue baby with some greenish, purplish, reddish colors too. He is a rainbow it seems :-) I am in love already and also very in love with his roommate...
  6. 4 newbies - Back In The Game

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    Hi everybody! It's been quite a while since I've been on this site because of how busy my life got all of a sudden. I quite breeding fish all together and only kept 3 tanks running but now I'm back :D With me I've brought four new bettas and am hoping to work on creating a true green line so...
  7. Which pic for july photo contest?

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    So which pic do you like best?:-D There is a poll :)
  8. Darwin!

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    This is Darwin. He is my first ever betta and I have very much enjoyed getting him. The journey began with learning all I could about bettas and how to keep them; mostly from this site. I then got his tank and got it all set up. It took every ounce of self control that I contain to wait out...
  9. Tika's World

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    Here's a photo of our betta, Tika. Sorry for the poor quality- I took the photo with my Iphone. That, and Tika is really fast and doesn't seem to want to stay still.
  10. Albert

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    Here's a photo of Albert.