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  1. New Betta Photos

    Betta Pictures
    Hi y'all. My first post with pictures., 1. Golden half moon staring back. 2. Mustard halfmoon flare. Koi betta turning around. I am an enthusiast photographer who discovered Betta fish 6 months ago. I started with one and now take care of 10 in 3 divided tanks ! Bob
  2. Silly video and AMAZING pictures

    Betta Art
    So I made a silly video of Stewart, my fab betta that I thought everyone might enjoy. AND I came across a link to this incredible betta photography that I know everyone will love...
  3. Fishy Fotos

    Betta Pictures
    My roommate and I did our first photo shoot with our betta buddies and we think they turned out pretty well. It took them a bit to notice the mirror at first but they were pretty cooperative and it was a fun time.
  4. Tips to photogragh bettas

    Betta Pictures
    We've all had the frustration of getting bad photo's of our fish, when I first got bettas it took a while to figure everything out and my first photo's aren't very good. Hopefully these tips can help everyone get fantastic photo's of they're wonderful fish :) Lighting Lighting is the most...
  5. Daily Tank Pictures!

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    So- here's the thing. We all love our bettas and we want to show off their tanks. But here's what I want to see- I want to see how your tank changes on a daily basis. What happens to it? The answers may surprise us! (especially if the tank is planted) So- here's what I propose- Every day, we...
  6. Show Me your Best Betta Photography Photo!!

    Betta Pictures
    Yes you herd me! Best photography photo of your betta!! I want really cool ones!!! This is mine of Blaze. Its not that good but its okay. But show me yours!