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  1. The Photoshoot

    Betta Pictures
    Some nice pictures, 2 of them are edited
  2. Mr yellows new tank + new members of my little family

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    My partner kept commenting on how Mr Yellow looked so sad and bored... Then he took me to petbarn and said "right. Pick something out for the old grump face!" Now I'm not usually a castle kind of gal, but something told me I liked this one... Got home, rearranged Mr Yellows tank with new...
  3. Betta Intros (Lots of photos)

    Betta Pictures
    I haven't posted in quite some time! So I though that I should post some photo introductions of my bettas. I currently own four bettas, though I only had two until last night when I made my boyfriend drive me to petco so that I could buy myself some birthday present pretties... and boy, was the...
  4. i'd like to share a few photos of a spawning event that occurred for me today...

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    that is all. thanks for stopping by.
  5. New boy (names?)

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    I got him about 2 hours ago, so I haven't thought of any names yet. He's a bit skittish whenever you approach him (and towards my phone a bit), but other than that he's been exploring and hanging out mostly in the back where it's more covered. The container said his coloring is butterfly, but...
  6. Deficiencies or just old leaves dying?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hey everyone, I'm hoping you guys can help me out with diagnosing what's happening to some of my plants. All my anubias and vallisneria are thriving, but my java fern has two discolored leaves and some of my hygrophila corymbosa compact is getting holes on the tips of its leaves. Are both these...
  7. Here are my babies! Plus questions about colour and tail type.

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    This here is Michael: I'm not sure about his tail type or colours. He was labelled as a red dragon half-moon, and while half-moon might be right (I honestly don't know) from what I've seen he isn't a dragon. He does have iridescent scales, though. I think his tail indicates that he's a...
  8. Fun contest

    Betta Fish Contests
    This is just a fun contest. Rules: it must be a betta ;). it cannot be a veil tail or a round tail. DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN BETTA. The top three bettas will get judged so take great pictures. THE PRIZE: I will cartoonize your fish and send it to you via message and if you want it i could...
  9. Before and After!

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    Back in October, I took in a "rescued" betta from Petco. You can read his story here, but the tl;dr version is that he was rather sickly and suffering from what was either fin rot or tailbiting. So I thought I'd share the latest photos of him after some tlc and advice from the community...
  10. My Boys

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    I currently have four male Bettas - three Splendens and a Smaragdina. Two of my boys are healing up from some fin-tearing from plastic plants. Luckily, our petsmart finally carries live plants that aren't half-dead, and those plastic plants are out of the tanks now, and all injuries are examined...
  11. New Camera :)

    Betta Pictures
    I got a new Nikon D3100 camera so i was trying it out. I'm still learning how to use it, but what you you think of these pictures of Sheeran (first 3 pics) and Lucifer (last 2)?
  12. Rubin, my betta

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    Hi, I decided to post some pics of Rubin, my betta fish. Enjoy!:-D
  13. Honeycomb's First Photoshoot!!!!!!(PIC HEAVY)

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    Here is the link :-D Enjoy!
  14. Free Betta Avatars!

    Betta Art
    Hi there everyone! I had a thread like this a while ago, but would anyone want their betta pictures made into avatars? They are really fun for me to do, and they really only take a few minutes to make. All you need to leave is the name of your betta (or whatever you want the avatar to say) and a...
  15. 10g and 5.5g Tank Setup

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    I FINALLY have pictures of my new babies and their homes. I would of had them up earlier, but I lost the camera cord and had to use my phone :/, so please forgive the terrible quality. The one with the aquarium light is the 10g, and the one with the lamp is the 5.5g. I plan to get a light for...