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  1. Help! What color is my betta?

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    Hello everyone! This is my new betta! I was just curious what his coloring is called. Does he look like he will marble? His container said Halfmoon Betta but his fin is not a 180 degree spread? Does that mean he is a delta tail? Also his eyes are a little bit popped out, is that popeye...
  2. Lets see your yellow/gold/pineapple bettas!

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    I was never really a fan of yellow bettas until I got my boy Moses. Now I love them! Here he is. Well, he used to be more yellow now he's bit orangish. I know his color is a bit uncommon in my area. I would love to see pictures of your yellow bettas! (Sorry for using the same picture over and...
  3. Betta name help!

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    This is my new boy from Petco. I think he is a pineapple/yellow VT. I've had him for a couple days but I cannot figure out a name for him. I was thinking Moses or Pineapple. Any ideas? BQ: What is your betta fish's name? Pics? :) (Why are my pictures coming out upside down? They're right...
  4. My three new boys =D

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    I live a five-minute ride or half-hour walk from PetCo. It's a serious danger to my wallet, as I now own FIVE bettas, including a half-moon. But I can't complain for a minute :-D So, here are my new boys. First there was Clownface, so named by a friend when she had to watch him for a week...