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  1. New pastel betta.... tiny guy :)

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    Well... my sweet sweet Rapha passed away about a week and a half ago and dangit I miss him. He was the sweetest betta ... he loved his pets and always greeted me with a betta dance. RIP sweet boy. So his tank has been empty and I just couldn't bear it so I got this little ( seriously he's tiny)...
  2. Odd pink sack under neck? Female

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    It's swimming odd, like theirs a big sack tearing through its stomach... Any ideas? It's a female and this occurred over a day. I feed it 6 pellets a day, 3 in the morning 3 at night. It looks like shes breathing heavily/ taking long deep breaths. Also it swims up for oxygen a lot more...
  3. Tortured Betta!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hello friends I have some very disturbing news on a beta from my use-to-be- friend's house. He has always loved animals, but he started doing drugs like cocaine and got tired of this beautiful betta and guppy, but he would ashes in the tank when would blow cigarette ash into his f- ing NON...
  4. New 4month old crowntail :) my first crowntail!

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    A couple days ago my dream betta passed away, I'd only had him 2weeks. This morning I decided to go to the pet store I got him from to let them know what had happened, they informed me 3 other bettas from that batch had died too. They insisted I have another betta free of charge (they know I...
  5. The day I got him - 4 months later

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    He almost seems like a different fish :)
  6. Any idea what fin type she is?

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    Hey, does anybody know what kind of betta she is? She's still pretty young so I imagine her tail has a bit of growing to do!
  7. What do you all think? ID(A lot of photos)

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    So I've named him Kisaki! I got him today, he was marked as a female betta and I'm 99.99% sure he's a male. Since he was marked as a female I got him for a crazy cheap price! What would you say his coloration he is? I know he's an Plakat elephant ear, his tail shape is a bit odd as well, I...
  8. Troubling pink, fleshy areas on scales. Some coloration on fin too...

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Found Cobalt this morning with strange pink spots on his scales. It's like his blue scales have turned a pink, fleshy color (picture attached). It's been over a year since I've had him and this has never happened. I'm thinking it may be related to the mini-cycle I am finishing up since I changed...
  9. The fish who inspired my obsession

    Betta Memorials
    Although he's been gone for awhile now, Kiyoshi deserves some form of special acknowlegement. If I never had him, its very likely I would have never had any of my current fish. He was the one who opened my eyes to betta fish. I remember falling for him when I saw him- I've never seen a truly...
  10. Help! New betta has "Crusty" scales

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi, I was shopping for supplies at a local Petsmart for my current betta, when a second beautiiful halfmoon male caught my attention. His water was CLEARLY much more neglected than any of the other bettas there, and his face was severely discolored along with cloudy eyes. At first I thought...
  11. He needs a name!

    Betta Chat
    Well, let's just say I took a break from Betta keeping after Eastwood, Whisper, Tango, and Nickel just started passing one after the other. When Eastwood died it left a big hole in me (that's still there). He made me feel sucessful as a betta-keeper, but not successful enough, as he died before...
  12. New bettas!

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    Hey everyone! I'm new to the betta fish community. I just got two. The pink one is named Champagne, the blue one is yet to be named. I honestly have absolutely no knowledge about anything Betta-related, but I'd like to learn! Can anyone whose experienced please tell me, by the photos, if they...
  13. My betta Shuichi and his friends the marimo!

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    My new betta Shu-chan! I got my little guy at Petsmart today after waiting weeks for my tank to cycle! I couldn't get shrimp there, but after getting him home and seeing how fiesty he is I might just leave him be by himself. He flares up when he sees my finger up against the tank, but maybe he...
  14. Potential Bacterial Outbreak?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    In my bedroom I have 4 tanks. 2 goldfish bowls hosting: Elliot, my common betta George, my teeny tiny crowntail (he's seriously the smallest betta ive ever seen. And such a fighter!) 1 5G starter tank with my very spoiled common betta Daniel 1 29G tank with a single zebra who refuses to...
  15. Update On My bettas and New pictures come look!!

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    here are my bettas Justin and valentino. Justin looks like his color is getting a tiny bit brighter. valentino has a long strip of his tail missing from a little mishap that happened. hope it grows back. It like turned white on the top. Do you know what it means?