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  1. Tiber's Tank

    Tiber's Tank

    Tiber himself is a male koi plakat betta -14 Gallon Aqueon Frameless Cube Aquarium -Senzeal X7 Gemini Double Head Aquarium Fish Tank Light -Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter 20 Gallon -Not sure what kind of heater as it doesn't say on it but I do know it's 50 watts
  2. First post: Pepe the plakat

    Betta Pictures
    Hi! I wanted to share this betta buddy named "Pepe" with you all. I haven't had a betta since Roy G. Biv, a Walmart betta I had for several years, passed away. It's been such a joy to rediscover the intelligence and personality of this little fish, and I'm so glad to have come across this...
  3. Tiny & Sick Rescued Betta !

    Hey All, So I posted for the first time yesterday about my marble-ing Betta named Louis and his tank set up. When I was at the pet store there was one other guy labelled the same way. They were both labelled with gold tops and called Premium Assorted Long Fin Bettas (??). Clearly they were...
  4. New Betta... Changing Colour, What is he?!

    Hey Guys, So I am new to all of this. I had some guppies and goldfish when I was a kid and since then for years I've wanted fish again. I held off mainly for two reasons 1) it can be a lot of work and 2) I felt a bit iffy about fish keeping in general and the ethical implications of keeping...
  5. Do HM Plakats get fin rot/fin melt/fin nipping problems?

    Betta Fish Care
    Was wondering this. I'm pretty sure this Plakat male betta picked me rather than myself picking it, but I am in love with it after finding out how interested it is in myself whenever i'm near it. Do they have fin issues? Even in large/tall tanks? My tank is about the same in height as it is...
  6. My fish has jumped his tank! (A cleaning day disaster)

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Ok... So today I was cleaning out my the three gallon belonging to my beautiful Half-moon Plakat Dandy. Just like I always do, I fished him out and put him into a small cup with some of his tank water in it... Except this time I think I put just a bit to much water in. Long story short I found...
  7. Gender help?

    Betta Chat
    I bought a betta from petco today, supposedly a halfmoon plakat male, but im not so sure. Could someone take a look at tell me f they think this is a female or male? I really like he/she either way, I just want to know. Right now me and my biyfriend have named him Grump because he has a funny...
  8. He was there for a month

    Betta Pictures
    This little guy was at my local Petbarn for I'd say around a month, but I had no space for him - enter enabler husband! He took me to pick out a new small-ish tank for the kitchen :lol: I wasn't expecting this guy to still be there after that long, but when he was I couldn't walk away without...
  9. First "King" betta. Poor guy... what a survivor!

    Betta Pictures
    Yesterday, I lost my newest EE betta Legolas due to a faulty decoration leeching into the water. Well, out of death comes life. I have been watching this guy for the past three months (that's right, months) and he has amazingly survived despite being in the cup and being a King. He was extremely...
  10. I started with one...

    Thought I'd post pics of my boys... the story goes: I started with one, cause my house felt lonely and since I can't have a dog/cat where I live, a betta seemed like the best option! Before I knew it... I had 2. Pretty happy with just two boys, Kennex & Dorian but then... I rescued a betta from...
  11. Roundtail Plakat x Veiltail hybridization

    Betta Spawn Logs
    Hey everyone! These two fish have successfully spawned so I'm going to start a spawn log. The fish went into the spawn tank on March 25th, they spawned on the 27th and the fry hatched on the 29th. The male fish is a wild type roundtail plakat. His coloration is similar the that of a wild betta...
  12. Plakat x Veiltail Spawn

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Here is a spawn that I just started Friday. The fry started to hatch this morning and now most of them are inside the nest. The male is a roundtail plakat and the female is a pure veiltail.
  13. Help pls to identify the gender of my betta

    Betta Chat
    Hello!! I bought an aquarium 3 weeks ago more or less. My first fish was a female betta. After a week I bought another female betta, but I think this last one is actually a plakat male. It's very strange that the one which is definitely a female attacks the new betta each time she sees her/him...
  14. Plant is dying? Please help!

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hello fellow betta fish hobbyists! It has been a while since I have been on here. I went fairly inactive for a while. My two past betta fish, Casper and Daisy passed away this year, both due to illnesses that were out of my control, and it certainly bummed me out for a while. However, I am...
  15. Goodbye Romeo!

    Betta Memorials
    Bye Romeo! I had this guy for a little longer than a year and a half… He was by far my liveliest fish - always swimming around, never floating idly. I feel responsible for his death :( It all happened very suddenly, I didn't have more than a day to try to treat him. Oh well, I'm happy he didn't...
  16. Name suggestions for new Halfmoon plakat?

    Betta Pictures
    So today I went to petco for an unknown reason. They had tons of new fish and I loved this mustard gas plakat so I begged my mom for another betta (: so any name suggestions???
  17. ANOTHER new addition :) plakat (I think)

    Betta Pictures
    So, when I got my new betta last week I saw this little guy. Been thinking about him since then! Popped back into my LFS and lo and behold he was still there so had to have him! :)
  18. First Time Breeder

    Breeding Betta Fish
    So, this is my first time breeding bettas. I have a male plakat and I do not know what female to breed it to. This is my first time breeding so I would like something that wont turn into a disaster... Thankyou!
  19. Has anyone had any luck with a sorority?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hey, I have normally only kept male betta but after reading about the females I decided to get some. The lady that helped me in my LFS said the females get on better in groups of 3 or larger. so I got 3, a white one, a double tail and what appeared to be a plakat. (They were all in the same...
  20. My first HMPK: Mercury

    Betta Pictures
    For the last year I've been wanting one so bad. But whenever the time came to pick out a new betta, I'd walk out with something else. Two weeks ago, I was casually walking through my LFS and saw this cute little HMPK. He's not the most vibrant or anything, but he caught my eye and he's a...