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  1. Can’t stop staring at my new Fluval Edge tank (PICS!!)

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Started this tank less than 24 hours ago. Obsessed is an understatement! It’s the perfect accent to my living room... Now just need a few mods to the lighting to give all my plants the best chance. Something to keep in mind while viewing.. Do you think is provides a sufficient habitat for a...
  2. Plant I.D.

    Planted Betta Tanks
    I've completely forgotten what this plant is called and this is my first time doing a planted tank so I'm not too experienced with what's what. I really like this one and want to get more. If it's a fast grower I can just grow it myself but I have no clue what it is. I want a mix of it and the...
  3. Help, cloudy water from sand/planting ?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Today, I got tired of my fake set-up and wanted to give my little betta boy some life in his tank. I bought sand and three live plants, but now the water is really cloudy. I let the filter run on high intensity setting for about half an hour before I put him in and lowered it back down to...
  4. Plant recommendations?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hello! Here's some background information: My betta, Alan, is in a 2.5 gallon tank. That is the biggest I can have him in at the moment because I'm living in a tiny dorm. He has a heater and filter. Alan is ornery and likes to eat his tail (I've caught him in the act! Little punk). I do water...
  5. For Sale/Trade: Amazon Frogbit [floating aquarium/pond plant] - Indiana

    U.S. Classifieds
    I have a ten-gallon aquarium that is filled with Amazon Frogbit. I am selling a sandwich bag full (approximately 50 square inches/7x7) for $5, but am open to trade for nearly anything freshwater aquarium-related. Snails, plant trimmings, shrimp, supplies, etc. The frogbit up for sale/trade has...
  6. Can I rinse new plants in untreated tap water?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Just bought my first live plant for my betta tank! I got a beautiful young Arubias Nana. I am going to anchor the roots under the rocks /gravel. I already know about leaving the rhizome on top of the substrate. My question is do I need to do anything special before I put it in the tank? Do I...
  7. Compiled plant questions

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hi there, I'm super new and still finalizing my first tank's cycle before bringing home my fish-son. If keeping fish-son happy for a while doesn't overwhelm us, we have a 75g tank we got from a friend that we'd like to make a NPT community tank. Since I've got questions now about what I already...
  8. Is it alright if I use this?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I recently released one of my rescue lizards back into the wild, and right now I'm setting up my first 10 gallon tank. I'm putting two new fish in my older tank, so I'm keeping my old plants in there, and that only leaves me with a tiny little plastic plant for my 10gal. I was wondering if I...
  9. Elodea help! Sinking and won't float

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Not sure if I'm in the right place... So my elodea is now recovering from a melt induced by Flourish Excel and has sprouted a bunch of new growth (I added Seachem Iron). However, when I went down to check on the tank this morning, all of them had sank to the bottom. I tried pulling them back to...
  10. Dwarf Sagittaria

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hello! I'm in the planning stages of doing a low tech 29 gallon planted aquarium. I really like the look of dwarf sag but the thing is that I don't want it to carpet. I much prefer planting it sporadically so you can still see the black soil substrate. If I don't put that many close together...
  11. Planted tank: filtration or no?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    I'm starting out with a 5 gallon that I'm making into a planted tank. Should I start out with some kind of filtration or none at all and let the plants do their thing? If I do need filtration, what kind should I use?
  12. How to allow plants to thrive?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    I was wondering if there would need to be an initial layer of soil, with gravel or sand on top for an aquatic plant to thrive in a tank with a betta. Or could the plants survive with only gravel? Would they need sand instead of gravel? I really want a planted tank but don't want to deal with...
  13. Frisk's Home

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    My new fish Frisk lives in a 1 gallon Micro Bow1, with a filter (which we put a suppressor over), a decoration shaped like a vase (smooth edges), and a plant (not sure the name but it goes well with the bowl). My fish's color has been improving immensely since we got him, and since he is a...
  14. Recommended Silk plants?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hello! I'm very new to betta fish keeping. My fish Robbie is in a 2.5 gallon heated tank. I was wondering if you guys could recommend some cheap silk plants for me? I don't think i have the time to keep up real plants and I don't have a lot of money, but I want to give Robbie some better plants...
  15. Identifing this plant

    Planted Betta Tanks
    This little piece of stem came with some cherry shrimps I bought. I let it floated around a couple of weeks then I just stuck it into the gravel & see what happened. That was 3 weeks ago. Now it looks like it is alive. In the 1st pix, the tip was facing the other side when I put it in and now...
  16. What type of plant is this?

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Please does anyone know what type of plant this is? The person at the pet shop just said he'd find me a hardy plant and picked one. Thanks
  17. Planted Tank - Updated

    Planted Betta Tanks
    This is a picture of my planted tank, updated.
  18. Plantcare in .5 - 1 gallon tank

    Planted Betta Tanks
    For the next month, my buggers are all being downsized to smaller tanks until I move into our new place and get the bigger tanks unpacked. 2 .5 gallons, 2 1 gallons, 1 1.5 gallon, and a 2 gallon tank. I know this means more water changes, but I know that plants help water quality. I managed to...
  19. Buddy with his Morimo Moss Ball

    Betta Pictures
    I floated the morimo moss ball in the tank. I noticed Buddy likes to hang out where the moss ball is, swim around in, rest on it, and sometimes rub up against it. I think I will name the ball Teddy. :-)
  20. Anubias Nana Question

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Will the plant grow if I only have the rhizome/roots? The "bulb" or thicker mass at the top of the rhizome is still there, but I don't know if it will grow without leaves. I think it depends on the plant, which is why I'm asking. I had to cut my leaves off because they had died from a light...