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plastic plant

  1. Will this hurt a Betta's fins??

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    I haven't bought my betta yet. Currently I have a 10 gallon that is going through a fishless cycle. I am prepping my tank before I get my fish by getting gravel, decor, and plants. Will this plastic plant hurt my fish seeing that it has little spikes? the little spikes are not hard, it feels...
  2. Is my tank good?

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    *I will take a pic later. Just look at my album.*:oops: I have a 2.5 gallon tank with rinsed blue (glass?) rocks and two plastic plants that are two bettas big. There is a light and filter in the tank and the temp stays around 76-82 degrees. Aurora, my betta, gets a weekly fasting and exercise...
  3. Fin Damage

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    OK, Akrin's plastic plant has been giving him horrible fin damage. I took it out and I was wondering if I should just let him heal on his own or get some medicen.
  4. Bettas EATING plastic plants?!

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    I just introduced two new female bettas to my three females that I got a while back. They're all now coexisting in a 20H. The already established leader, Blue, faught it out with the bigger new girl who I named Ophelia, but now they're all fine and seem happy. BUT I was watching them today...