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  1. Improving My 2gs

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I have these two 2gs that I use as QT/hospital tanks, and I've been doing at least two 100% changes a week. I have been thinking about making some DIY sponge filters, as I already have air pumps sitting around and my local store sells tubing, valves, and air stones. Not quite sure how exactly to...
  2. Should I keep the plastic plant?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I'm a college student and I got a betta fish on the fifth of October. I'm getting really attached to him, and I'm slowly realizing I'm not taking the best care of him. So, every day I'm trying to do something to improve his life. I currently have this plastic purple plant inside his aquarium...
  3. PVC pipe and driftwood, what do I do?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I just got some PVC pipe to make a little hiding place for Franky. I heard that hot glue was okay to use to stick little aquarium pebbles to it, is that true? Is there anything special I should do to the pipe before I decorate it and put it in the tank? I've had a lot of trouble with plastic...
  4. Plastic jugs for water storage?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi all, I'm having Finn "betta-sat" for about 10 days with family members, and I'm trying to find a way to make water changes easier for them. He'll be in a 1.5 g tank for the duration of his stay with them, so I'd like for them to change his tank once every other day or once every third day...
  5. What About Fake Plants?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Right now, my Jack has a TARDIS decoration, a moss ball (just added today) and one "silk" plant. I am constantly on the lookout for more plants. The thing is, I do not get enough light to have living plants, and even if I did, I do not like taking care of live water plants. I love the look of...
  6. Can I burn a plastic ornament and put it back in my bettas tank?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    My betta fish REALLY loves his plastic grass... but his fins gets snagged. I tried taking it out but he just mopes now. I guess he really liked hiding inbetween the glass and the grass? hahha So I was wondering, if I could take a lighter and melt the tips of the grass together so that there...
  7. Are plastic tanks safe to use?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    My betta fish of two years died of dropsy a few months ago, I miss him dearly but I think I'm ready to get a new little friend. I've learned a lot about their care, and this time I will be providing a heater & more regular water changes for my new friend. My main question is I have a plastic...
  8. Chunks of Fins Breaking off??

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hey, I posted a thread called fin rot or colour change and I got no responses, so I'm making this one. I have a super delta betta fish which I've owned for about two or more weeks now. He darts around quite abit, and turning on his light isnt a very good idea as he constantly flares...