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  1. My male is making a bubble nest and I’m not sure if my female is pregnant

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I recently got 2 female bettas. I put them into a large tank with my make betta. Turns out one of the females was attacking him and eating his tail. I then separated them into the same tank but now with dividers. My male has begun to build a bubble nest and I’m not sure if my female is pregnant...
  2. How do I know when guppies are ready to "pop"

    Other Fish
    I have two female guppies that came to me pregnant, and I realized I have no clue what to watch for to know when to remove them from the main tank. I've never had live bearers before. What will they look like? Someone mentioned them being "square"-ish. Here are the two girls about 2 weeks ago...
  3. Prego, Parasite, or Just A Fatty???

    Other Fish
    So I have two corys in my tank. One is an Emerald and the other is an Albino. I don't think two different kinds could mate but my Emerald has a round tummy (I don't have a good enough picture to show sadly) I've done a little research and those two are the big reasons it could be so, along with...
  4. Pregnant molly and possible pop eye?

    Other Fish
    I posted this on tropicfishkeeping, but I haven't had a reply yet. I'm hoping I'll get a reply on here :) One of our female dalmatian mollies is a lot fatter than the other, and I'm wondering if she's pregnant? I saw her lying on the gravel, and the other female was staying by her. I'm also...
  5. Guppies!

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    Hey guys! it's been forEVER since I was on here, I feel bad haha. Anyway, I got some guppies yesterday, and it appears that one looks slightly pregnant? Unless I'm completely crazy. :) that was the best shot I got out of like 40.
  6. Molly pregnant for too long

    Other Fish
    On Christmas, I got 3 mollies and 2 platies. One molly was a boy, the other 2 were girls. Immediately I saw the boy mating with one of the girls, and assumed she would get pregnant. Her stomach was getting bigger slowly, like I would imagine a normal pregnant fish would get. Her due date was...
  7. Sick Female Betta with eggs?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    About a month or almost two ago, my females suddenly spawned eggs, I do not have a male betta. But they spawned their eggs suddenly after I introduced the new fish into the tank they stayed in {A few had died and so I replaced them} Their not bettas but they were male. But I figured without a...
  8. Distressed momma??

    Other Fish
    Brought home a VERY pregnant Dalmatian Molly today, my other girl, Nyx died after giving birth the other day, so I couldn't resist! But ever since I brought her home, and got her settled in and what not, she's been non stop swimming up and down and back and forth, and hardly stops. Is she just...
  9. Deal or no deal???

    Other Fish
    I would like opinions from anyone who thinks they may be of some help. I'm new to the fish biz, and I have a balloon molly who I think may be pregnant and a dalmatian molly that may be, Here's pics, they aren't the greatest, but maybe you can check them out and tell me what you think??? Thanks...
  10. Something Ate the Babies from my Pregnant Guppy D:

    Other Fish
    Hi my Guppy has been pregnant for awhile now and I noticed her boxing off so I put her in a mini float breeder box so that she won't eat the babies. 2 days later nothing happened so I put with the others (still boxed off but I noticed her gravies spot becomming lighter and she seemed stressed)...
  11. First time molly breeder. Need help identifying possible pregnant molly.

    Other Fish
    A few days ago I brought home a few Mollies, 2 of which were girls. One of the females was slightly larger, but was still normal looking compared to her previous tank mates. That one is a gold molly and I am kinda excited if she is pregnant. I'm not sure if I have identified the gravid spot...
  12. First-Time Owner with Pregnant Betta--Help!

    Breeding Betta Fish
    I bought a female betta from a pet store a little over a week ago. I don't have any experience with them, I just wanted a pet for my room. Over the past week I've noticed her belly is growing bigger and bigger and there is a little white dot jutting out from the bottom of it, which according to...
  13. Guppy Fry Care???

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Hi sorry for posting in the betta section but I feel I will get more responses this way, it is important. As with betta care sites, many of the guppy sites have conflicting info when it comes to fry care. Are there any betta lovers out there that have knowledge and experience with guppy...