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  1. Betta Pictures
    I got my betta, Slate, a month ago and I would love to share how much her coloring has bloomed each day, the first picture is her when I got her, the second one is her just now.
  2. Journals
    Meet Watson- my newest boy. I got him from the local PetCo with a somewhat nasty case of fin rot. This is after about a month-maybe a little less. His fin regrowth is making progress and I think he's colored up! The first picture is tinted green due to the medication I was using. More pictures...
  3. Betta Pictures
    About three weeks back I bought two sad looking VT males who were fighting fin rot at Walmart. The red male didn't survive his first week despite me trying to save him and repair his very badly damaged fins. Natal is my survivor, a little trooper who, when I bought him was missing most of one...
  4. Betta Pictures
    This is Shibo! He's grown a lot since I've had him and I just adore him so much! P.S- He doesn't have any damage on his caudal fin, it's just the way he marbled.
  5. Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Even though my 10 gal. isnt necessarily nice looking, it's housing my baby betta and 2 snails at the moment. But I just set up 2 new tanks! A 1 gal. and 2.5 Gal. Heres the process lol First I had to clean all of the sand.. it was just a 5 lb. bag so not much. Then I had to get my 2.5 gal...
1-5 of 5 Results