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  1. Monster Betta Project

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I want to document the process of this monster betta project I'm embarking on. I'll share my trials and tribulations along the way! :) It all starts with a brand new 29 gallon fluval...
  2. My "Project" Tank

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    So my friend recently lost most of her fish and decided she wanted to go back to keeping a betta ;) Knowing my obsession with my three babies, she had offered to give me her 10 gallon when her Molly passed. Well it did so a week ago and after a few talks with parents, lots of driving, and a...
  3. bought a whole bunch of new arrivals... 3 are here, 2 more are on the way!

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    for my armageddon project. so stoked. male: female (his sibling, but will not directly cross) and my harbinger of death, crossing with the male im also expecting a second male, which also carries the armageddon gene which will be crossed with the sister of the first male. will take pics...
  4. 4 newbies - Back In The Game

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    Hi everybody! It's been quite a while since I've been on this site because of how busy my life got all of a sudden. I quite breeding fish all together and only kept 3 tanks running but now I'm back :D With me I've brought four new bettas and am hoping to work on creating a true green line so...
  5. My betta fish dances to music.

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    Ok... So I was in class with one of my friends, whose a betta fanatic (It was actually study hall) He has like 14 betta fish.... 5 females in a sorority tank,(20 gallons) with some live plants... Back to the story, we were talking about science fair projects with betta fish... He already had his...
  6. Breeding betta males that could live together?

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    I was sitting here watching Shu float around his tank when the thought crossed my mind, "Gee wouldn't it be great if you could have a tank full of these guys in all different colors without them fighting?" and then I remembered something from my dog training course that lead me to asking the...