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  1. Spadetail betta?

    Betta Chat
    Does anybody have experience with a spadetail betta? I have looked for a spadetail betta for sale and nobody sells them, a few sites says they have all but disappeared. Some say they were popular in the 90s. Does anybody know who sells spadetail bettas, or what combination of fish breeds with...
  2. Need suggestions for tank companions

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hello! I have a 10-gallon tank and wanted to get some ideas for tank companions for my female betta. Also, if a 10-gallon is too small to house anything but my female betta, please let me know! :smile2:
  3. Setting up a Sorority

    Betta Fish Care
    After a three-year break, I'm back into the aquarium keeping business with a 29 gallon tank. My local pet shop currently has an established female sorority and my new tank can take all of them, so of course I want all of them. It'll actually be a size upgrade for them. My question is, how should...
  4. Is it necessary to quarantine?

    Betta Fish Care
    I am getting a new betta soon and already have the tank cycled and ready to go. One thing that I am a little confused about, however, is the idea of quarantining the new fish. I’ve read many articles on the importance of quarantining, but they all site keeping the existing plants and animals in...
  5. Maybe Sick Betta? Please Help!

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    Hello! I've just got back from a three week trip abroad. While I was gone, I had a friend of mine take care of my Betta, Rune. I had just changed the water a few days before I left as I had started to notice a little bit of red beginning to form on his fin close to his body. I told my friend to...
  6. Does this coloring have a name?

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    I'm mostly just curious as I have no plans to breed him, I just think he looks cool. I got him from a petsmart, but even after a week in good water, his coloring hasn't changed much (beyond getting a bit of metallic/shiny blue at the very very tips of his tailfin, which can't be seen in the...
  7. Rory, lad or lass

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    Hello, wondering if my Rory is a female or male, because Rory is being rather confusing-_-. Rory looks like female in these ways 1. Egg spot 2. Rounder stomach But looks like a male in theses ways 1. Beard 2. Longer fins Does Rory just have a false egg spot? It has been suggested that this could...
  8. Betta and Two Mollies?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    So I have an older male betta fish in his own separate tank currently, but I'm hoping to move him into my community tank that has two male mollies and a plato in it. The mollies seem like they're not aggressive even though they're both males, but they do chase each other often though there's no...
  9. The Concept of Cycling Confuses Me in the Technical Details

    Betta Fish Care
    I really appreciate anyone's insight! I have some questions! A.) cycling B.) moving long distance with a "cycled" tank A.) I've read a lot about cycling online, and bare with me more experienced aquarists, but, I am still having a hard time understanding the technical need for cycling. I've...
  10. Tetra Whisper 3i Filter Question

    Betta Fish Care
    Does anyone have this filter? My question is, when you 1st get it and place it in the water, is it suppose to make alot of bubbles? Will the bubbles subside eventually?
  11. Betta Fin Curling?

    Betta Fish Care
    Can someone explain to me why a half moons' fins could potentially curl? Is there a way to fix it? I believe my betta fish as little curls that are forming at the end of his tail..but I am not sure. I will later on place a photo of him. Water parameters are normal, he lives in a 1.5 tetra...
  12. Quick Cycling Question?

    Betta Fish Care
    I just got my betta tank one week ago Saturday. It is a 5.5 gallon with a filter and heater with the temperature set to 80 degrees. I didn't know anything about cycling before I got my fish... I (unfortunately) went by the advice of the petsmart where I got my fish. They told me to set up the...
  13. 3.5 Gallon Tank Heater?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello So I just purchased a National Geographic automatic 25 watt tank heater. It's presetted to 80°. I was wondering if this is a good choice for my 3.5 gallon tank (will house one male betta). Will it make the tank too hot? Anything I should watch out for? Should I return it and invest in one...
  14. Betta Question

    Betta Chat
    Hello! I have a question in regards to new bettas.. I had a Betta, Boris, and he recently died when I changed his tank due to stress..but also supposably the water was too warm for the guy..:( and I miss him dearly since i trained him. And he was just a lovable little dude who was friendly to...
  15. Fin melt vs. clamped fins?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi there! I'm wondering if there is a way to tell whether my little guy has fin melt or if his fins are just clamped? Housing: How many gallons is your tank? 5.5 Does it have a filter? No Does it have a heater? Yes What temperature is your tank? 80-81 degrees f. Does your tank have an air...
  16. Question for my biology class

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    Hello everyone! I'm Austin, a just-recently betta fish owner! His name is Ghost, and is a double-tailed betta. I have a question regarding my biology class, and I figured this is a good place to ask. Now, I need to record its respiration daily, meaning I have to see how much my fish breathes per...
  17. Marimo Concerns

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    So I've had Marimo balls altogether for about 3 years now. The one I'm concerned about is this one. It's the oldest one and it has turned a lighter almost tan color near the bottom and I'm just wondering what is happening. Is it dying? Is just this spot dying? If so what can I do to stop it? Or...
  18. Tail tatters, clear fins, what to do

    Betta Fish Care
    I've tried almost everything with Peanut, my teal doublefin, bettafix to a whole new tank with exciting things, and I've never solved the mystery with his strange depleting fins... things are getting better now that it's been a few months luckily. There are clear parts of fin on top of his...
  19. Which transshipepr did you use?

    Betta Chat
    I've bought once from Thailand before but I used Jesse (this was last year and went smoothly) and he's getting a lot of bad reviews lately. I want to hear feedback on any/all US transhippers from recent buyers (past several months). Which transshipper did you use? Fish arrive on time, alive...
  20. Betta loves to rest behind heater, safe?

    Betta Chat
    My betta Wynn has a five gallon tank with plants and decor for him to rest/hide behind BUT his fav place is to rest behind the heater... not the heating element but the top plastic part where you control the temperature. Now he is not there all the time but he likes to spend a good portion of...