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  1. Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hi im new to the fishkeeping world and the betta forums:) Over the past few weeks ive done a ton of research for the new tank im getting for my bday! I have brought a 105 litre (68 cm length,35 cm depth and 51 cm height) rectangle tank. After all the research and visits to my local pet store...
  2. Betta Fish Compatibility
    I have a newly cycled 20g long tank and am planning on putting one male betta and 5-7 harlequin rasboras in it. Sorry if this has been asked before but should I put the rasboras or the betta in the tank first?
  3. Betta Fish Care
    Hi guys, I have a 10 gallon community tank with 1 male betta and 6 harlequin rasboras. For the past few days I have been experiencing an uncontrollable drop in pH and an ammonia spike. I usually battle with low ph in my tank but its nothing that a small water change an/or some API pH UP drops...
  4. Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hello all! I have a 15 gallon tank that is technically a column, but it still has a large amount of surface area and is only about 1.5 times taller than it is wide, if that makes sense. The base is square. I bought three harlequin rasboras yesterday to add to the tank because I was really...
  5. Other Fish
    I just put 6 cories, 6 rasboras, and a betta in my 20 gallon long tank. (They betta's not in yet, but he will be this weekend.) Anyway, how should I keep my betta from eating the rasbora food? They eat very slowly and I don't want my betta to get aggressive towards them at feeding time. I...
  6. Other Fish
    My 20 gallon tank just finished cycling, so yesterday I got 6 rasboras to start it off. (I will add cories and my betta soon) Tragically, one rasbora fell out of the net, and died before I could find and save him. The other 5 rasboras are huddled in 1 corner of the tank behind their hideout...
1-6 of 6 Results