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  1. Betta Spawn Logs
    So I am week 10 into a successful spawn but have counted only one hmpk fry out of the 60 (a currently cellophane male). This is devastating as I was hoping to get a well formed koi hmpk female out of this pairing to match to an orange base show male hmpk i have. Goal was to improve anal fin on...
  2. Betta Fish Care
    Recently I am seeing my new betta fish, a crown tail, fins start to curl. I just did a water change today, 100% was done on Monday. I tested both of my fishes waters. Donnys: [Crown tail] pH: 7.0 NO3: 0 NO2: 0.5 KH: 40 GH: 120 Atlas: [Halfmoon] pH: 7.0 NO3: 0 NO2: 0 KH: 40 GH: 120 Any...
1-2 of 2 Results