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  1. U.S. Classifieds
    Hey all! I've been having some trouble lately finding a place to get some cherry shrimp from with my current budget. I was wondering if anyone on here who maybe lives in the New Jersey / Pennsylvania / New York region knows a good seller of any color Neocaridina davidi or perhaps has some extra...
  2. Other Fish
    ...well hopefully :) About a week and a half ago I finally managed to get my hands on some male Red Cherry Shrimp and 2 of my females are already holding eggs :grin2: Just had to share my excitement :nerd:
  3. Other Fish
    I have come to learn that my husband is buying me a full shrimp set up for this holiday gift giving season (he's such an enabler lol) and was hoping some more seasoned shrimp keepers could give me a few pointers! I'll be most likely getting red cherry shrimp because other kinds are kinda hard...
  4. Betta Fish Compatibility
    I ordered some red cherry shrimp online that were supposed to be sent to my boyfriend's house. I live in a college dorm so I didn't want them to have to go through the school's mail room and I also wasn't sure how my bettas would react to them. But... stupid me accidentally sent them to... MY...
  5. Betta Fish Compatibility
    Living in a 10 gallon with a betta but the betta doesn't even pay the slightest attention to them. I just brought 3 RCS home today and they are all active but i noticed a black spot on them. Is it normal? Or is it something bad?
1-5 of 5 Results