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  1. First time betta parent, please help!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi there, hoping you guys might have some insite. I got this betta from petco because he appeared to be very sick and on his last legs. After a week or so he was doing better and I moved him into his aquarium. I’ve had him around 5 months now and aside from being very skittish he seems to be...
  2. White Blister on Betta's tail fin. Ich or tumor?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    So I noticed a white spot on by betta's tail fin right up next to his body. It almost looks like a blister or a whithead. Only just noticed it in the past day or two and see no others on him. I dont think it looks like ich, but I'm no expert. Can anyone tell me what this might be? I got this...
  3. Rescued Betta...Need Advice

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    This evening I went to a Petsmart to get a Betta fish. The one I had for about 2.5 years recently passed away, and I was ready to get a new one. I found a beautiful Twin Tail Halfmoon betta. But while I was looking at all the fish in the cups, my sister saw one that honestly I thought was dead...
  4. Rescue Betta Situation - Advice Needed!

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi all. As you can see from my post history, I'm a new member and my betta just died. I'm very sad, and I wasn't planning on getting a new one anytime soon - I thought I would dismantle my tank, clean it out, maybe do a fishless cycle this time, and generally try to make everything perfect...
  5. After 3 months- he's finally home.

    Betta Pictures
    After THREE long, long months I finally got the betta whose been sitting in his small cup for waaay too long. I saw him for the first time at oct.25, today he finally came home. The Petsmart he was at was always always pristine and many times i saw the lady working the fish section carefully...
  6. Fin nippers :(

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Got two fish, gonna use the same form and just denote what the differences are: Housing: How many gallons is your tank?: Aridan: 10g Excalibur: 5g Does it have a filter?: Yes for both - both baffled with filter foam Does it have a heater?: Yes for both What temperature is your tank? Both tanks...
  7. Rescued Betta from Christmas Party

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Sooooo much to the dismay of my parents (animals have a way of "finding" me as I put it haha) I came home from a Christmas party Yankee Swap with a new addition to the family, a small veiltail female. Because I am in high school, people put absolutely outrageous things in the grab, I'd have to...
  8. My Rescue Fish - Before and After!

    Betta Pictures
    Hi Everyone! This is my little buddy, Finnigan. I rescued him from a friend who didn't realize the care that was required and thought his home was fine. His current tank is 2 gallons, I know it's not ideal but it was the largest I could purchase at the time. I am hoping to move him to a 5...
  9. Double Tail Rescue: Had to Bring Him Home

    Betta Pictures
    I've transfered to another Petco for college, and while looking at the bettas, I saw a silver double tail male who was on his side. I thought he was dead, but when I picked up his cup, he shot up and become really excited. His fins were clamped, and it's two tails were tipped with black and...
  10. The Rescue Mission!

    Betta Pictures
    Two months ago, I went to walmart and was just browsing when I saw two orange betta, a VT and a CT. I only had room for one, so I went with the CT. Since I live in a small town because of college, I go to walmart often. Every time I went, I saw that VT. every time I put him up front, hoping...
  11. I'm going to try my best to save "Rescue Betta"

    Betta Fish Care
    I work at a Petco where the so called "aquatics specialist" has no idea how to properly care for bettas. About a week ago, she discovered a veiltail betta in a deltatail cup. Not a huge deal, but because we didn't have any extra usable veiltail cups, she pulled him from the floor until we got a...
  12. Phil, before and after

    Betta Pictures
    Phil when I brought him home And two months later, about a week ago
  13. Old age?

    Betta Fish Care
    I think my beloved rescue Ronny is starting to slow down. About 11 months ago I rescued him from an art installation at my school. He was kept in a 5 gallon unheated, unfiltered tank without any water changes for the entire 3 months he was in the installation. His tank was only "topped off" as...
  14. Pet Store abuse

    Betta Fish Care
    Anyone else noticed how horribly our bettas are treated at petco, petsmart, and walmart? Just today I found a beautiful cambodian male nearly dead, floating on his side in his cup. I wish wish WISH I had brought him home, but my parents have a "one fish at a time' rule so I felt like I had...
  15. Natal's Recovery

    Betta Pictures
    About three weeks back I bought two sad looking VT males who were fighting fin rot at Walmart. The red male didn't survive his first week despite me trying to save him and repair his very badly damaged fins. Natal is my survivor, a little trooper who, when I bought him was missing most of one...
  16. Baby Betta

    Betta Pictures
    Hello. New to the site and just getting acclimated here. I currently have 4 pet store Bettas - B, a male veiltail. Blu, a female crowntail and Storm, an elephant ear/dumbo. The fourth doesn't have a name yet. While at the store a few days ago, I noticed two cups labeled "baby betta." One was...
  17. Rescued a Betta. Need help

    Betta Fish Care
    hey everyone, Sorry for the long post up front. I recently came into possession of my own Betta fish. I am a RA at a U.S. university, and during room inspections at the end of the semester, two people moved out and forgot their poor fish! When they did not come back to claim it, I adopted it as...
  18. BrodrickStrider's Rescued Betta(s) Log.

    This will be a log for any and all Bettas that I will be rescuing from pet stores that didn't properly care for them. April 12th, 2014 - Red Veil Tail Male - Totsuka - Chronic Swim Bladder Surprisingly the water condition came to 0 ammonia and a pH level of 7.5, but it was still very dirty...
  19. Live plants vs. fake plants.

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I'm not sure what to get for my 3 tanks, I have a 3 gallon QT tank and 10 gallon divided tank and a 5 gallon tank and I'm not sure whether to get fake plants or live plants and should I get live plants for all of them or just one? HELP :shock:
  20. Female Betta Rescue

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Okay, this will be lengthy, hear me out. I went to this Walmart, (I have 2 in my area, I Favor one more than the other), this Walmart I don't go to much has a reason why I don't like it. The live fish selection smells like sewage and the lights are always off. dead fish are always clogged in...