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  1. Journals
    Lately, I have found myself taking in deformed, mistreated fish. And I wish to continue doing so. I used to only rescue bettas, but then I started taking in platys, guppies, and goldfish. Right now, I have five rescues that are more than happy at the moment. On this thread, I'll be posting...
  2. Betta Pictures
    Hello all. I got two new lovely males today. I just couldn't resist. Anyway, here are the pictures of the first one, Snow, and the second one, Noctis.
  3. Betta Fish Care
    I went to Petco yesterday to buy some supplies and happened;-) to look at the bettas. Well, there was this little black crowntailed female who was swimming frantically around her little cup. I wanted to take her home sooo bad but using my self control I walked away. (this was at 4:00) Fast...
1-3 of 4 Results