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rest in peace
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  1. Betta Memorials
    This is my precious little Nebby: He was a beautiful Cambodian-colored betta with long fins and a spunky personality. He was labeled as a "dragon scale betta," though I have since learned that this is inaccurate; I'm...
  2. Betta Memorials
    I have sad news today, my roommate's betta Ricky whom I also loved just passed on today May 8th 2016. Mothers day. He went to the giant lake in the sky at 10:58 am we're both very sad right now, and worst off we don't know what the cause of death was..but my best friend thinks he had a fungal...
  3. Betta Memorials
    It's been much too long since I've posted on here, and I wish it were under better circumstances that I finally am. Poor little Mojo died today and I thought I should post a little memorial for him on his behalf. SIP little buddy, you broke on through to the other side. You're swimming with your...
  4. Betta Memorials
    This morning bard died. I found him in the tank this morning when I went to feed him. He was belly up, and he was completely white. I miss him and his energetic swimming dearly. There is a video of him. It is old but he was always very fun.
  5. Betta Memorials
    Hello, Betta lovers. It's been a while, but I've come back from a long hiatus to inform you that, as for 9:55 PM tonight, Wheatley, my very first betta, has died and I don't know why. Since Friday, he has been hanging at the top of the tank, pale and lethargic, not at all like his usual self...
1-5 of 5 Results