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rose tail

  1. Boy with cyst - anything I can do?

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Evening all, I rescued a rose tail betta 4 months ago, and at the time I got him, he had a small white something poking through his scales. I posted here (link to original thread), and it was determined by lilnaugrim to likely be a cyst. When I first got him, through random happenstance, I was...
  2. Can YOU guess Yuki's color?

    Betta Pictures
    Hi everyone! I'm a first time betta owner (many thanks to xjenuhfur for my new obsession XD ) and I'd like to introduce you to my Male HM(?) juvenile Yukiteru (snow shine) Yuki for short & on many occasions Omnom for his VORACIOUS appetite. He's so tiny so while his tail shows definite signs...
  3. My new Rosetail from.... Petsmart O.o

    Betta Pictures
    I went by Petsmart to buy a piece of driftwood and couldn't leave this guy. He's really small and his fins are short, some of the other males had even shorter fins who where really cute. I love this guy so much, he's a black fire and a dragon, two of my favorite things This is him next to one...