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  1. Betta Chat
    All those heart warming, petrifying, and slightly silly stories about that fishy made it to his/her lugsuary home
  2. Betta Chat
    I like to stream movies in the background while I'm putting around doing my chores and starting last night, I've settled on a theme that I like to think the fish will enjoy. I've started watching the Jaws movies and once I work through them, we'll be watching Piranhas and who knows what from...
  3. Betta Chat
    So today I got my friend a female betta for her birthday. As I was driving home, I went to put her in the cup holder and I looked down for a second, when I looked back up, I was closing in on a van and crashed. I felt so terrible for my lack of attention to the road. Luckily everyone is fine...
  4. Betta Chat
    Hey all! I have a baby betta and he seems jump... a lot. I'm a little worried he will jump out of his tank. None of my adult bettas are that aggressive. For a little guy he seems to jump about 1/2-1in. Sometimes it even makes me jump haha. Any tips?
  5. Betta Chat
    Last night I dreamed that I was in Walmart with my mom and they actually had a GORGEOUS selection of fish. We were there to get a cockatiel but it was too expensive and sick so we got betta fish but they didn't look like betta fish. They had beautiful finnage and I'd love to have them but they...
  6. Betta Fish Care
    Context:I have a brand new 5 gallon tank I began cycling on February 15th. I decided to cycle it with my Betta in, keeping up with two water changes per week (Wednesdays and Sundays). Situation: Today I decided to test the water before Luna's water change. Last time (Monday) all stats were...
  7. Betta Chat
    I have a scary story. I get a phone call from my little 11 year old sister today, and she asks, "umm..... what temperature do you want your tank at?" She goes on to tell me that the temperature is 10 to 20 degrees HIGHER than the "green" zone (which would be about 90 to 100 degrees F). I'm...
1-7 of 7 Results