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  1. Betta Fish Care
    Anybody know of a beta food that does not stain the water? With 25-50% water changes out, the water becomes pretty colorless. However, after only 1 feeding, it's tinted slightly yellow. Newf and his pack don't seem to mind it, but I do. Also,, where can I find Seachem anything? Amazon doesn't...
  2. Betta Fish Care
    Okay. So I was running out of waterconditioner yesterday and I decided to switch to the well known conditioner Seachem Prime. So I went out and looked at the bottles that my Petco has (Since my town has a pretty crappy fishstore. It only good for saltwater fish because we live near the ocean.)...
  3. Betta Fish Care
    How many drops would I place in a 1.5 tetra gallon tank of seachem prime? And can I use that as just the betta water conditioner?
  4. Betta Fish Care
    Oki doke, so I just started cycling my tank after doing a water change yesterday. The new water I put into an old gallon jug from some bottled spring water and treated with 7 drops of betta safe and 2 drops of seachem prime. However after reading the 2 sentence cycling tutorial it says to add...
  5. Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hi, Quick question...I use Seachem Prime for a water conditioner, but being as I only have a 2.5 g aquarium, I go through it very slowly. Does anyone know how long Seachem prime is good for? Basically, does it expire? I couldn't find this information on the actual bottle or the brand's website...
  6. Betta Fish Care
    I've been using Aquasafe for a year and a half now and it seems fine but I'm noticing how many people use Seachem Prime and how much they like it. Is it a better choice? I like that it also detoxifies heavy metals and I would like that but I'm concerned that I might use it wrong or my fish won't...
  7. Betta Fish Care
    I've got some bettas flying in next week and I have been told to add seachem prime to the bag to instantly get rid of ammonia in the water so I can drip acclimate them more safely. Will API Ammo Lock do the same thing as Prime? Both say they get rid of ammonia so I'm just wondering which is better?
  8. Betta Fish Care
    I used to use nurtafin conditioner and I just bought Seachem prime. I'm about to do a 50% water change and I'm wondering if adding a new conditioner in the new water to put in the tank with the old conditioner in the water would do anything? Would I have to do a 100% to get the old one out instead?
  9. Betta Fish Care
    I just bought seachem prime for use in my 2.5 gallon tank. How much would I put in to treat the water?
1-9 of 9 Results