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  1. Show Bettas
    I've owned bettas for a while, but I just recently discovered betta shows and I found out there's an IBC show near me in October! I've been doing my best to study up on finnage and form for bettas as well as watched how bettas are judged at shows and I think I've got a rough understanding of it...
  2. Show Bettas
    I am very fascinated with bettas, and I'm always eager to learn more about them. I know there are betta shows and everyone talks about the IBC's standards for show bettas, So my question is what are those IBC standards? I would love to learn how to critique betta fish! If any of you would help...
  3. Show Bettas
    I've only had him a few days but I would like to know :-D (Got him from a Walmart)
  4. Betta Chat
    Hello all, I recently became curious about my betta show form. I am not intending to enter him (I cant [hes just a petco betta]) but please critique him, he seems to be in good shape for my standards. Thanks for any critiques. I'll take more pics if they are needed
1-4 of 4 Results