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  1. Should I Breed This Female?

    Breeding Betta Fish
    Okay, so I'll be getting another male some time this month, for my 10 gal divided tank. This female will have one side. I bought her for my sorority tank, but she doesn't get along well with other fish. Anyway, I have another female, but to me, this one is more show-worthy. What do you think...
  2. Betta Show

    Betta Fish Contests
    Permission given by Sakura8 This contest is not supported by I will be judging this contest by myself. Submit pictures of your betta(s) in full flare if possible though relaxed is accepted. Males and females are judged separately for fairness. The judging is based off of an...
  3. Açaí Blue Multi Spawn

    Betta Spawn Logs
    This is my first spawn! Açaí is the father of the spawn btw.. So i have eggs!!! Not sure how many. daddy is being a good boy and building a nice nest my camera is horrible so maybe not alot of pics but i will try! both boy and girl are 14 weeks and are out of Karen Mac Auley's multis hopefuly I...
  4. Good Female Breeder

    Show Bettas
    Hi, everyone. I am going to be breeding soon. In the future I would like to participate in IBC shows. For the most part I know what to look for in a male betta, but females look so different from males and seem to be judged a little differently than males are judged. So my question is what...
  5. Getting ready for the show

    Betta Fish Care
    Ok, I'll be the first to admit it: I'm new to betta fish and showing them. I am getting ready for an upcoming show at the Oakland County Fair on July 12 and need some advice. 1. Does anyone have any idea what it is like to show bettas at the County Fair level? (i.e how does the show work...
  6. Contest show bettas

    Betta Fish Contests
    ok so way back in school i used to breed Vails and sell them at flea/farmers markets to make money out of a hobby i loved, now days im finaly at a point i can keep bettas again. But I would love to get deeper into the contest/shows that they have for bettas but I cant find any real info on own...
  7. Show Quality Standards

    Betta Pictures
    Hello, I am new here so I am not really sure if this post goes here. : X (If not sorry :shock: ) I was reading about IBC show quality standards but am still not sure how to really tell. I was wondering if a betta like this qualify: Thanks!