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    In like pet stores what age do they sell them at? How many months? how old are they usually? Thanks :-)
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    So I sold my old tank today because I'm buying a 10 gallon for my Betta. I sold the tank with everything you need for a Betta heater and all, and I was so excited to hear it was for a Betta so i went out wrote down books products and printed out a bunch of Betta care sheets for them. I was so...
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    I have more of my Double dark blue fry and my Orange Flame guppys for sale. These are the parents to the fry you will recieve. Prices for my Double Dark Blue Moscows Guppies 3 Unsexed Juvies $10.00 3 Sexed Juvies $20.00 6 Unsexed Juvies $25.00 12 Unsexed Juvies $40.00 Parents to the fry...
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    Well this is the Astro needs a new 20 gal filter fund lol. My Unimacs filter died. Shipping will be priority and price depends on the size of the item(s)you buy and your zip. Wall paper, Gold Fish, 6 yards in each. $5.00 for all Small Rock Cave. $1.00 2 Ordaments $6.00 for both...
1-4 of 4 Results