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  1. New little spunky sweetheart spits out his food

    Betta Fish Care
    Okay, so on September 4th afternoon I got my new fish, Angry Russell the Misunderstood Betta, Angry Russell or just Russell for short. I want to help him, I don't want to be a bad mommy :-( Also, I don't know if it matters but I got him at Petco and I don't know what they feed them there. He had...
  2. Betta Spits Food Out

    Betta Fish Care
    Hola! I have a new betta and I'm kinda worried about it because almost every time i look at him and he's taking a food pellet in his mouth, he spits it back out. is that normal? should i be worried? does he not like the food? or is it something else? Thanks:D