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  1. I Did Something Great Today

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    So, a few weeks ago I noticed that my local pharmacy was selling 3-gallon fish tanks. To show off the tanks, they had one set up. It had only a thin layer of gravel at the bottom, and a veil tail that didn't exactly look so hot. He seemed to have slight fin rot. I felt sorry for the fish, but...
  2. Looking For Breeders in North Carolina

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    Soon this summer i'm moving down to NC for a couple months and i was wondering if there was any Betta Breeders down or near Atlantic Beach , NC? I would be very happy to buy some bettas as i am starting to breed them. Thx!
  3. Aquarium shops in Sydney, Australia

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    i own two bettas atm and i find it VERY hard to find stores that have a good selection of plants and/or fish. I'm looking to add a couple tank mates and turn it into a NPT over the summer. (Kind of) Close by I have a PetBarn (wetherill park) which usually has a few plants, but not many fish and...
  4. Other Good Betta Stores Online?

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    I've been having my heart set out on finding a particular betta that strikes my eye (a plakat of SOME SORT, whether it be halfmoon, double tail, king, or giant). Yesterday I came soooo close. Petco had a rare Halfmoon King Betta but the guy, while a beautiful blue-peach mustard, wasn't the kind...
  5. my regular pet store bettas :)

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    all 6 of my boys are from my local pet store. there aren't any fish stores in my city with fancy bettas, only a few lps's and petsmart, which only carries vt's and crowntails. so these fish aren't fancy, but (in my eyes) they're cuties :) so anyway, here are 5 of them: When I first got him...
  6. BEST place to buy plants!!! 10% off!!!!!!!!!!

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    So I just got my plants from THIS AMAZING SITE!!!!! Planted Aquariums Central!!! <3 They have a FANTASTIC selection of plants! The owner is a wonderful woman and the customer service is fantastic!!!! The best part of all this? I told her that she comes highly recommended (she does, you've...