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  1. Regnum Sub Oceanum

    Regnum Sub Oceanum, or Kingdom beneath the Ocean, came into power on March 23rd in the year of our Lord 2019 with the reign of a new King (who has not yet revealed his name!) The subjects of the new territory are four 14k gold white cloud minnows, who shall from this point forward be regarded to...
  2. Small Scales, Flashing Tails: A Betta Story

    Betta Art
    Hello! I'm ChocoBetta, and I personally welcome you to my little writing corner of my story, Small Scales, Flashing Tails! A story of how my Bettas lives could've been if things had gone differently. I hope you will enjoy this thrilling tale. Or should I say, tail. Small Scales, Flashing...
  3. The story of Mizuchi (A slowly growing collection of tales)

    10/8/15 After losing my betta Aoi-Hiiro (That would be the handsome devil in my avatar) I went ahead and settled with my African Dwarf frogs, then goldfish (Absolutely fell in love with blackmoors. So dopey and sweet) After they eventually swam over the rainbow bridge, I decided I needed a...
  4. Just a girl trying to deal with her betta obsession.

    I think I will start writing about my life (Betta-wise) Enjoy!
  5. Betta Stories: How you got them

    Betta Chat
    All those heart warming, petrifying, and slightly silly stories about that fishy made it to his/her lugsuary home

    Betta Chat
    My Giant royal blue 3.1in male jumped out of the water a good 6or7 inches & BIT MY LIP(latched on it)! & it scared me so I JUMPED up in shock/surprise & my lip threw him on the floor :(, hes ok now thou. He still jumps at me for a trick when I feed him but not my face anymore, probably only...
  7. My betta is so obsessed with food!

    Betta Chat
    Ever since I first got my betta, Leo, he has had an obsession with food. I have read stories on here where bettas will not eat for up to 3 weeks when they first get home! but the second I dropped my first pellet into my fishes tank, he jumped for it right away. within 2 days I had taught him to...
  8. Barely 2 months in the hobby (:

    Betta Pictures
    Yeah so i saw this one member doing something like this and so am i! I started fish keeping in the end of November last year and here I am with 3 tanks now. Gonna be that crazy fish keeper on the West Island someday so here we go :P The second tank i got is my smallest one, a 5 gallon with my...
  9. A Scary Story

    Betta Chat
    I have a scary story. I get a phone call from my little 11 year old sister today, and she asks, "umm..... what temperature do you want your tank at?" She goes on to tell me that the temperature is 10 to 20 degrees HIGHER than the "green" zone (which would be about 90 to 100 degrees F). I'm...
  10. Marki's adventure!!

    Betta Art
    Im sorry i just wanted to see how you guys would like a good story. Also i hope this doesn't sound to similar to "Phantom's Epic." okay here it is: Marki's Adventure It was a warm sunny day when i awoke from my night time sleep. as i looked up to get a gulp of air and seen a bright beam...
  11. The Case of the Stolen Betta

    Betta Art
    (okay, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a bit tired of the countless doom and gloom stories. Here is something a bit less cliché compared to the 5 or 10 other stories. Enjoy :D ) - Darkness encases the space around the sleeping figure. Not a single creature stirs, and the only noise...
  12. At the pet store,...

    Betta Art
    Morning! Today, Aurora is dancing in his cup hoping a nice sweet girl or boy may pick him. Aurora's friend (well kinda) Aqua said "Aurora, we are always not picked. We have been here for 4 days. Our colors are fading, we are swimming in gunk. No one wants us." Aurora swam in circles. He will...