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  1. What's your favorite color, pattern and tail type?

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    I was just curious what everyone's favorite colors, patterns and tail types are. Personally, I like EEHMPKs the best, my favorite color is shimmery turquoise, and I like marbles and dragon scales.
  2. Betta Temperament vs Tail Type

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    Hi! So I know that every betta is an individual, but I was wondering if there is any correlation between betta aggression and their tail types? Like, I seem to remember reading somewhere that plakats are considered more aggressive because they're more closely related to wild types bred to fight...
  3. Tail type of my baby betta

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    Hey everyone, I recently saved two baby betta's this week. I was wondering if anyone could help me determine the tail type of my baby boy poseidon
  4. What kind of betta do I have??

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    I got my female betta in October. She was in a cup labeled "baby girl" at Petco. I was just wondering if someone could help me figure out what kind of type she is:roll: Any help is appreciated. She has an amazing personality and adores me almost as much as I adore her. She is reddish purple with...
  5. Tail type changed?

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    When I got my betta he was labeled as a double tail, which he clearly was. Over a period of a couple months the space between his tail began to grow in very slowly, which I found odd. He then proceeded to get himself stuck in a decoration meant for a baby yoyo loach and shredded nearly all his...
  6. Double Tail Boy, possibly mislabeled?

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    I picked up this little boy yesterday. Hes so tiny and cute, but the more i think about it, he doesnt look like your average double tail betta. Hes just so small, and his tail shape isnt anything like my other double tail, Sokka. Hes currently unnamed..iv youve got a non-generic, but nice and...
  7. Help me ID this guy?

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    This here is Red. I've had him...or her? Since February. I bought this little guy at petsmart, labeled as a female. I'm still pretty confused as to what he/she is, gender and tail/colour wise. If anybody could help, that would be great!
  8. Which tail type is my new girl?

    Betta Fish Care The fish I'm talking about is in the first half of this video, and is the bi-coloured one =) Today when I went to the pet store to pick something up, I spotted this bi-coloured beauty being sold as a female. I am unsure of her tail type or if she is...
  9. Here are my babies! Plus questions about colour and tail type.

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    This here is Michael: I'm not sure about his tail type or colours. He was labelled as a red dragon half-moon, and while half-moon might be right (I honestly don't know) from what I've seen he isn't a dragon. He does have iridescent scales, though. I think his tail indicates that he's a...
  10. I need some help identifying! Also before & After ^0^. (lots of photos)

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    So when I got this guy (Henko), as you can see he had streaks in his tail. Then the colour slowly started to take over! Anyone have an idea what his tail type may be? Sorry in advance because these photos where the majority of his body is white are quite old and have none of him flaring before...
  11. combtail or crowntail?

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    In my betta sorority, three of my bettas are crowntails. But one of those three I'm wondering if she's actually a comb tail because the space between the rays is much shallower than the other two CT's Here's a picture. It's the best one I can get of her tail. haha. Obviously she's the one...
  12. Can anyone tell me what my baby betta is?

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    Hi Everyone, I bought these two bettas a few days ago.( wasn't planned...long story) Can you tell what sex it is and what tail type it is at this size? All opinions are appreciated.
  13. Crossbred betta?

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    Is it possible to have a crossbred betta? Reason I'm asking is because Dumbledore looks like a Spadetail, but has a long dorsal like a Veiltail. He doesn't hold still long enough for a picture, but I have one that isn't terribly blurry. So, what kind of fish do I have?! I always thought he...
  14. Baby Betta /:

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    Hello all! So as you can tell, I'm new to The only thing I wanted for my 19th birthday was a fish, they help me with my anxiety attacks and gives me something to love :oops: . So my grandma, being the amazzing woman that she is, bought me 2 small tanks and all the fixings and...
  15. Introducing Penny! need help Iding tail type

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    Ive been wanting to start/attempt a sorority for a while now, I was supposed to be getting my first female from vancouver this saturday but when i saw this gal in that little cup I just had to have her! When i held up the cup she swam over and pecked at my finder tips, the water was supprisingly...