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tank capacity
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  1. Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hello! I have a 10-gallon tank and wanted to get some ideas for tank companions for my female betta. Also, if a 10-gallon is too small to house anything but my female betta, please let me know! :smile2:
  2. Planted Betta Tanks
    Hi everyone! I'm leaving for college in five days and I'm bringing Bobo, my male betta fish, with me. I've had him for about a year and a half and I've been keeping him in a 2-gallon tank with a filter. I've also had some of those little snails, I'm not sure where they even came from but they do...
  3. Betta Chat
    Hi I bought a marltons starter kit about 300x230x230mm I found the Marina tank too small, I wanted to see my Betta swim around a bit. Is this too big for my Betta. It has all the space in the world but I'm not sure if I should put a divider in and get another Betta to reduce the size a bit. Need...
  4. Betta Fish Compatibility
    I have a beautiful, docile, male, Betta named Fitzy. He currently lives with a few snails in a 5 gallon tank but i recently set up a 10gal planted tank that I'll be moving him into. I was thinking of getting some Albino Cory Cats (3-4) to help keep the bottom clean. I was wondering if I could...
  5. Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I just got a Tetra Halfmoon 1.1gal aquarium and i put two 8 inch fake plants, a thermometer, a mini bette heater, and a tank ornament. I was wondering if i overloaded his aquarium a little too much. He doesn't seem to be struggling getting around his home, but im not really sure if its too...
  6. Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hey, I'm kinda new here and since I'm getting a ten gallon tank this weekend (along with a filter, heater, air pump, and some stuff), I was wondering if a male betta, an apple snail, and possibly four oto fish could live in a ten gallon tank. I would also like to know if the oto fish could harm...
1-6 of 6 Results