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  1. Tank cycling issues

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello! I’m a college student and I really wanted to get a betta to have in my dorm. Ive read into how to keep betta and want to make sure the little guy is comfortable and happy. I bought a 5.5 gallon tank from a local fish store and have started cycling it, using fish food to add ammonia and...
  2. Three gallon fish tank, good for Me Betta?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Right now I got two goldfish in a twenty gallon tank. One was sick so I requested that my mum bring my three gallon fish tank to me when she did her snack run for me. Well my goldfish Summers made a full recovery so I don't need to quarantine that fish anymore. So I now got an empty 3 gallon...
  3. Tiber's Tank

    Tiber's Tank

    Tiber himself is a male koi plakat betta -14 Gallon Aqueon Frameless Cube Aquarium -Senzeal X7 Gemini Double Head Aquarium Fish Tank Light -Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter 20 Gallon -Not sure what kind of heater as it doesn't say on it but I do know it's 50 watts
  4. Is this tank ok for betta fish?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    So my goldfish died recently and now my tank is empty. I am deciding, what fish should i get now. I would like to get betta fish. It's 25l (6.6gallon) tank, filter is electric and has a foam and some black little rocks inside (i am not sure what it is) and has a flow of 200l/hour. It also has...
  5. Finally finished my tank!!!

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    So, I wanted to share a few pictures of Squiggles' tank. It was a slow process of getting it all together, but, with one small, smooth piece of driftwood left to add, I am finally done!!! The last plant I added was my anubias. Considering it is a 9 gallon tank, I was a little worried about...
  6. The Perfect 5-6gal Tank!

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hello! I am hoping to get a male (or female, I'm not picky) betta sometime in the near future and I really want to get a new tank for him/her. I'd like it to be very spacious for betta, but still small enough to be able to sit on my desk. Does anyone have any thoughts on what the perfect...
  7. Disinfecting Tank

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    Hi everyone. Last night one of my Bettas died of fin rot. I got him from Petsmart last month. The fin rot worsened in this last week despite increasing water changes and using medication. Once the rot got to his body, he was done for. I believe the reason for this was because the Betta I had...
  8. Over 3 months fallow after a velvet outbreak, is my tank safe for new fish?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello everyone! In mid January I posted a thread in another section of the forum about my fish Felix. He had velvet which was caught too late and passed away despite 2 weeks of treatment and best efforts. It was a sad time and I was a sad panda. It was my first time handling a parasitic...
  9. Stingray LED Finnex lamp lumens

    Planted Betta Tanks
    Hi, everyone I need help to decide which lamp should I use. I was thinking about the Stingray All-Purpose tri-color LED serie, but the website never mention the lumens. I have a 22 gallon tank, and starting with plants. My tank had its own bulb, but it stoped working. So I decided to change...
  10. The Koi Betta Journey Journal

    Well, it's about time I started one of these! A little bit about my background: 10+ year fish keeper. Decent success in saltwater but I have transitioned to freshwater and have found it far more affordable/rewarding/enjoyable. I currently maintain 4 planted freshwater tanks all less than 10...
  11. How to keep my filter anchored!!!???

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    I bought a box filter today for my 1.something-or-other gallon tank(it's a big thing) and I've put the carbon and poly fibre wool inside, but now I can't keep it from floating to the top of my tank!!!! I tried covering the sides with the little tiny rocks, even putting some on the intake grill...
  12. Is my Betta playing with my black molly?

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hey there BettaFish Forum, I have completed my 10 gallon setup with 1 Male Betta, and a few other fish(1 black molly, 1 mystery snail and 4 panda cory catfish). It seems that my Betta is enjoying the tank leaving around bubble nests and swimming all around the tank, but my only concern is that...
  13. Cleaning out an old tank-help

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Hey guys, just a quick question of how to properly clean out a fish tank to make it habitable for a new betta. My old betta died not long ago and left his tank full of antibiotics and sickness (He came to me ill and I tried my best to save him but he perished anyway). I plan to set up the tank...
  14. Tank mates for a 20L gallon tank

    Betta Fish Compatibility
    Hi! I'm new to the fish keeping hobby! I've had bettas (in bowls... unfortunately...) and a family fish tank before, but now I have my own fish! I currently have a male halfmoon in QT because he has a mild case of fin rot. He's in a 2.5 gallon while I treat him and cycle his new home- my 20L...
  15. bloated betta in community tank

    Betta Fish Care
    hello, recently my betta Socrates got a bad case of the bloat. He lives in a community tank and i was wondering what was the best way to feed the other fish while keeping him from eating was.
  16. Three Top Fin Torture Tanks

    Meet the Betta Keepers
    Three Top Fin Torture Tanks (First Post) Hello everyone! This is my first post. Here are some top fin (a brand that sells bad and good fish products) tanks I saw that are being sold for betta fish earlier today. (None of the photos are mine they are just the online photos of the same products I...
  17. How Do I Care for a Tank That a Betta Died In?

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Recently one of my bettas died and I'm not sure how to clean out his tank. He died of severe bloating and dropsy, possibly, and I tried my best to care for him when he was sick. Although he didn't actually pass away in his tank (I'd moved him into a smaller glass when I knew he definitely wasn't...
  18. How many drops of chlorine treatment should I add in a tank ?

    Betta Fish Care
    I have this 2,5 galloon tank and I bought drops for the water for anti-chlorine. The product is called Clorostop and it says that i should put 1 ml for 5 liters of water. My question is how many drops should i put for my 2,5 galloon tank ?:nerd:
  19. Help!!! Fish sinking and dying!!!

    Betta Fish Diseases and Emergencies
    I don't know what is going on, I have a community, and last week one of my Bettas died, and today I just witnessed one of my guppies died. I don't know what is going on, I need to figure this out before I lose more. I had two female bettas, they were seperated in the tank, Betta that died...
  20. 2gal Filter Needed?

    Betta Fish Care
    Probably a silly question, but I was wondering if a filter is necessary for a 2 gallon tank? I have a Whisper filter in there now and it doesn't seem to catch much of anything. But I am worrying about my betta not being oxygenated enough, unless a bubble stone is enough. Thanks in advance, (I...