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  1. Quarantine?

    Betta Fish Care
    I am familiar with the concept of quarantine, but how long should you keep new fish/plants separate before adding them into the main tank? When should you quarantine for a long period, and when would it be okay to introduce them after a few days? I have a 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon tank that I...
  2. Betta Eating Behaviors?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello everyone, [disclaimer: I'm really bad at naming'm sorry about their names.] I've had my betta (Mr. Fishy) for about 2 weeks now. He started off alone in his 5.5 gal tank, then about 5 days in I introduced a 1.5 inch clown loach (Dr. Fishy). They hit it off fine and...
  3. Important Question

    Betta Fish Care
    Ok, so when I got my betta, and the water conditioner, the guy at Petco told me to leave the conditioner in the water for a whole day before I put the betta in. Is this good advice, or can I put him in earlier? My water conditioner is Nutrafin aqua+plus. I have used both well water and tap...
  4. Quarantine Time? How long?

    Betta Fish Care
    So the betta-bug bit me today whilst I was at PetSmart getting a new cleaning tube (my old one was ancient, and had finally cracked) and I saw a gorgeous black halfmoon. Well, they had him labeled as a halfmoon, I think he's more of a super delta because I don't think he can open his tail a full...