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transporting betta fish

  1. What should I do?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi! I am planning on getting another betta in about a week or two. I am worried that if I get my betta the day the store gets them that the transfer to my house could kill it. Is this a problem I should worry about, and if so if I see a betta I like the day they get their shipment should I ask...
  2. Is it safe to transport my betta multiple times?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi everyone, I have a new female betta named Athena that my 13 year old niece Jay and I picked out together, she has her own new male betta. We just got Athena settled in her new home last night after some hours spending time with Jay and her betta. I was wondering since Jay was planning on...
  3. Questions From a College Student

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi all! I am a new member to this website, and I will hopefully be getting my betta (James Pond) in a few weeks (once my tank is cycled)! So, I'm a college student and I live a 3 hours drive from my home. They close the dorms for spring break, so little Jimmy will have to come home with me. Do...
  4. Best way to transport my betta?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello everyone! This is my first post on the site so I hope someone will see this and have advice for me. I will be moving a couple of states over at the end of the month. This will be about a two day drive, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the safest way to transport my...
  5. Traveling for vacation

    Betta Fish Care
    Over Christmas break I am going and staying in a house for 3 weeks that is about 2 1/2 hours from where I am now. What do I do with my betta? I know he can't survive by himself for that long, but how do I get him to where I'm going without really stressing him out? I have his container I...
  6. Best way to transport betta: advice needed!

    Betta Fish Care
    We are all going away for a month to a summer house and of course, we need to take Blue with us. The house is about 2:30 − 3 hours away by car. What would be the best way to transport him? I have a small half gallon aquarium that he first lived in before we got his current 3 gallon home with the...
  7. Betta died after transporting it in a car. Any ideas why?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi everybody, I have just lost my buddy (Seoba Jr. - short from Sebastian in Russian). He passed away a few days after I transported him from NC to MD (an 8 hour drive). I have done the same trip before and he seemed to be a bit shook up, but got over it pretty fast. The night before...
  8. Transporting Betta over a 3 Hour Drive?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi! Does anyone have any tips on transporting a betta fish over a 2-3 hour drive? (I read the "How To Ship Bettas" thread, but I don't know if that procedure might be a little different than preparing your betta for a car ride?) Here is the situation: 1. It will probably be a 2-3 hour ride...