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  1. Moving my buddy

    Betta Fish Care
    I am a college student, and spring break is approacing. My little finned buddy is obviously coming home with me, but he is also getting a new tank this weekend, his is TINY right now (I got him for free and he came in it) I was wondering a few things, firstly, how do I safely get him home? My...
  2. Transporting Betta fish

    Betta Fish Care
    Hello all, I recently bought a Betta fish. It's so much fun! I'm enjoying him way more than I imagined. He's nice to come home to from a stressful day at University. Holidays are coming up, and I was wondering what the best way to transport my fish home would be. I've read some advice about...
  3. Transporting Betta and Co

    Betta Fish Care
    In about two weeks I'll be moving back to my dorm room to start school. Hamster and Gecko are set for the move with Bingo's box and Mouse can just stay in his cage, but I'm not sure the safest way to tansport my betta, pleco, and snail. It will be about a five hour trip, driving alone, and...
  4. Transporting Bettas Long Distances?

    Betta Fish Care
    Hi, I didn't think this fit under the shipping sticky so I was hoping for some help. I live in a college dorm 4-4.5 hours away from my permanent residence, and this is the first year that I'll have a betta with me on the drive back. I've been searching google for the best way to take Link from...
  5. Upgrading/Transporting Tanks

    Betta Fish Bowls, Habitats, and Accessories
    Soo, I am currently at home for the summer, but will be heading back to university in September. In the meantime, I was hoping to upgrade my glass 10 gallon planted tank (housing 4 female bettas, 3 corydoras, and some shrimp) to a 29 or 36 gallon acrylic seaclear tank...